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Since our Password Controls Policy was implemented nearly a year ago, CIT has been working on ways to help Geneseo users remember to change their account passwords before they expire. Today we implemented an email reminder system that will send the following email when your password is about to expire:

Subject: Your Geneseo password expires in less than 14 days
Your Geneseo password will expire in less than 14 days. CIT provides instructions on the best way to change your Geneseo password in their "Changing Your Geneseo Password" self-help document, available at:

As a reminder, CIT will never ask you for your password. Please contact the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588 if you have any questions about the validity of this message.

The easiest way to change your password is to visit and select Change Password from the left navigation bar. All Geneseo account holders are required to change their password every 180 days. 

Please contact the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588 with any questions.

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