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On November 8, 2012 a new password controls policy will be enforced. CIT recommends that you change your password prior to November 8 so that ample time is available for you to resolve any issues that you may encounter. If you have not changed your password by November 8, all network services (including the ability to log onto domain-bound computers) will stop working until you change your password. The easiest way to change your password is to visit and select Change Password from the left navigation bar.

All Geneseo faculty and staff will be required to change their password every 180 days
New passwords must meet the following requirements:
  • Your new password must contain at least 8 characters
  • Your new password must contain 3 out of the 4 following character types:
    • Uppercase characters
    • Lowercase characters
    • Numbers
    • Special characters
  • Your new password must not contain your username
  • Your new password must not contain any parts of your full name
  • Your new password must not match any of your previous 10 passwords
CIT has also implemented the Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS) tool, so when you reset your Geneseo password it will also reset your Google Apps @ Geneseo password and they will be kept in sync. Your existing Google Apps password will not be changed until you change your Geneseo password.  

Your network password can be stored in many different places on the devices you own. Use this list is a starting point for you to consider places where your password may be stored.
          • Email client (campus-owned computer)
          • Email client (personally-owned computer)
          • Geneseo Network Printers set up on personally-owned computers
          • Mac OS Keychain
          • Smart Phone (Apple, Android, etc.)
          • Tablets (iPad, etc.)
          • Web browser
          • Wireless network connection

Please contact the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588 with any questions.

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