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We recently upgraded our Webmail software (Roundcube) to the latest version. There are three notable improvements:

Central Authentication System Login Functionality

Users can now authenticate to Webmail via our campus Central Authentication Service using the new link in the screenshot below. If you are already logged in to another service that uses our Central Authentication Service, you will not need to enter your password again after clicking the new link.

Deleting Messages When At or Near Quota:

By default, Roundcube uses a Trash folder. Unless you change this, when you delete a message Roundcube will attempt to copy it to the Trash before deleting the original. This effectively means you cannot delete messages when you are at or near your quota limit if you are using a Trash folder.

Before the upgrade, if a user attempted to delete a message without the necessary quota space to store a copy in their Trash before deleting the original, it would delete the message in place. While this made life easier for people to delete messages to clear up space, it caused painful situations for users who accidentally deleted messages they wanted to keep.

We have changed the behavior of Roundcube to not delete messages in place if copying them to the Trash fails. To help users who are over quota, we fixed the "Help" link in Roundcube to go to our Self Help page on Webmail and added the Roundcube "shift+delete" trick to our document for managing your email quota.

Date & Time Customization

Users now have a bit more control over the way dates and times are displayed in Roundcube. Click on Settings at the top, then User Interface on the left and pick the Time format and Date format that you are most comfortable with.