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This robust password management application provides a secure way to store and manage your own passwords as well as share passwords with your teams.

1Password for teams is a service that brings all the power of 1Password to your team. 1Password enables you securely save all your logins, documents, credit cards, and other private information. You should look over the features of 1Password for an idea of what it can do.

Overview of features

The features of 1Password for teams are:

  • Desktop and Mobile apps included at no additional charge
  • Unlimited shared vaults
  • Unlimited items
  • Offline Access
  • Admin Console
  • Automatic syncing
  • Advanced access control
  • 5GB of encrypted storage per person to store and share documents (excellent for disaster recovery information)
  • Unlimited item history (restore deleted items and passwords)
  • Custom groups
  • Activity log
  • Custom roles


Getting Started

Geneseo has licenses available for departments who desire to manage their passwords with 1Password for teams.

How to get a license

If you think 1Password for teams would help your team please contact CIT to get started. Mention you are interested in 1Password for your team.

Where to download the software

1Password provides detailed help for downloading and installing the software for every platform they support.

Installing 1Password

Using the 1Password applications has several advantages for just the web interface including browser integration, offline access to all your information, and an easier to use interface.

How to setup 1Password Applications:
Using the 1Password Browser Extension: 

Vaults and Sharing Passwords

1Password is organized around vaults. You can think of vaults somewhat like filing cabinets that contain all your individual passwords, files, and documents. Everyone has access to a personal vault, where you should store all your personal work related logins. You will also be given access to one or more shared vaults that will have specific purposes based on your team's usage. You should work with your manager and team about what is appropriate to store in each vault. You can see which team and which vault any given item is in. You should read 1Password's help on creating and working with vaults.

Additional Info: Use All Vaults to see all your items at once

Your Account Key and Creating your Emergency Kit

To enhance 1Passwords security, it not only requires you set a strong passphrase, but they give you an account key that they generate. You will need to use your account key the first time you sign into 1Password from a new device. The account key is an additional piece of information that is needed to access your account somewhat akin to two-factor authentication. Just know that your account key is important and necessary to access your 1Password account. If you forget your account key, a 1Password administrator can help with the recovery process.


1Password provides an easy way to print out a special sheet of paper that will contain all the information needed to access your account should you forget any part of it or in the case of a disaster if someone else you work with needed to have access to it. Your manager and team should work together on policies around how this information will be handled, If you do print it out be sure that is stored in a secure location.


Browser Integration Tips & Tricks

The browser integration for 1Password is extremely useful, letting you fill in passwords on all the sites you visit. Sometimes though, especially for Geneseo logins, you use the same username and password on several different login pages. For example logging into and logging into your google account, 1Password thinks these are two different logins. 1Password has a feature for this so you don't have to have two logins with the same username and password, website. You can edit as many sites as you want to the website area to make that login automatically show up in the browser plugin list for that site.

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More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.