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The Study Guide for Victorian Literature consists of pages that focus on themes that run through Engl 315, Victorian Literature.

Each page holds a list of questions to consider and an essay on the theme. The word "essay" should be understood loosely here. It signifies only that the page attempts to deal with the questions that head it up through a continuous prose discussion, rather than through a schematic outline or a series of disjointed observations or notes.

You can help build these pages by contributing to the essays on them, by adding more questions to consider, or by starting up a new page. (If you start a new page, please format it like the others, with a list of questions to consider at the top and space for an essay beneath.)

You contribution to an essay can be as short or as long as you like: a sentence, a paragraph, a series of paragraphs.

The study guide is a collaborative enterprise. Do not hesitate to edit other people's writing, and do not expect your own contributions to remain untouched. If disagreement emerges about the content or structure of the essay, discuss the matter using the "Add Comment" feature of the page.

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