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The Dictionary of Geneseo English

You can now read the 2006 version of the Dictionary - from the original Collaborative Writing Project website - on a single page. Go here to view online or here to download.

What It Is

The Dictionary of Geneseo English is a continuing project by students in ENGL 361, History of the English Language. For nearly two decades, students in History of the English Language (and the now-defunct Structure of the English Language) have gathered data and updated a glossary of major colloquial/slang terms current among Geneseo students. This wiki version debuted in Fall 2006 at the original site of the Geneseo Collaborative Writing Project. It was moved to its present location on in Fall 2008.

How To Use It

To add or edit an entry, begin by navigating to the appropriate region of the alphabet using the links at left. Follow the instructions on the page that comes up.

Keep the following in mind:

  • A new dictionary entry is created by adding a page to one of the five region-pages at left. Do not add pages to the present page.
  • By editing existing entries, you can improve the dictionary's completeness and accuracy. By using the Add Comment link at the bottom of each entry, you can initiate or join discussion of an entry without changing the entry's content.
  • By adding labels to entries, you can make the dictionary easier to search. You can enter labels for a new page by scrolling down to the Labels field beneath the edit box. You can edit the labels for an existing page by clicking the Edit link next to the word Labels and adding, removing, or modifying content in the field.
  • You can add attachments to pages using Add > Attachment. You can attach a sound file to an entry to illustrate pronunciation.
  • For general help with the software, consult the Confluence User Guide.

    If you've marked this page as a favorite, you can return to it after logging in by scrolling over your name (top right) and scrolling down to select Labels.

    The Dictionary of Geneseo English is part of the Collaborative Writing Project.