This page provides a basic introduction to navigating spaces in the Geneseo Confluence wiki. For a complete overview, see the Confluence User Guide.

In Confluence, a space is a collaborative work area where users can view, add, and edit pages, download and upload attachments, post and read news items, and more. Any given user's ability to perform any of these tasks may be modified by the existence of certain permissions and restrictions applied to the space as a whole or individual pages inside the space.

Each space in Confluence has its own home page. Its name may be identical to the space name, or it may be more descriptive. The home page is the highest page in a space's hierarchy. Wherever you are in Confluence, you can always locate yourself by looking at the page path in the upper-left corner.

The screenshot below indicates that the page in question is the home page for Wiki Basics. The Dashboard link in the page path leads back to the front page for all of Confluence.

From the home page of a space (or any other page inside the space), you can learn more about the space by clicking the Browse Space link.

Browse space will take you to a page with a number of tabs. By clicking on the tabs, you can get all kinds of information about the space, including a list of pages inside the space.

When browsing a space, you can click the News tabs to pull up a page of news items. The News page is a kind of journal or blog for the space. Each post is dated, and a calendar appears on the right. Dates on which news items have been posted are underlined.

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