B.A. in Women's and Gender Studies (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)Women's and Gender Studies

Learning Outcomes in Women's and Gender Studies

1. Demonstrate understanding of concepts central to Women’s and Gender Studies, including
a. the social construction of gender
b. systems of privilege and oppression
c. intersectionality and difference
d. feminist and queer theories
e. feminist and LGBTQ activism
f. major feminist issues, in historical contexts and in contemporary US and global contexts. Examples of such issues include domestic violence, pornography, job equity, issues of representation, and reproductive rights.

2. Demonstrate critical reading, writing and oral presentation skills
a. close reading skills to texts from multiple disciplines, historical eras and global cultures
b. Argue a thesis persuasively in writing, employing correct grammar and mechanics
c. Share the results of research or a project in an oral presentation

3. Engage in interdisciplinary research
a. locate, evaluate, and interpret scholarly sources from several disciplines
b. apply methodologies derived from multiple disciplines to problems in women’s and gender studies
c. conduct primary and secondary source research, incorporate others’ work into original arguments, and properly credit sources
d. design and implement a project, creatively employing interdisciplinary research towards an original analytical, creative or activist problem

Planned Assessment Rotation

Year 1: 2a-c

Year 2: 1a-b

Year 3: 1d & e

Year 4: 1 c, 3a & b

Year 5: 1f, 3 c & d

APAC Response to WGST assessment for 2020-21.docx

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