There are many different ways to characterize the assessment loop. A Google image search will give you some idea of the possibilities.

Here's a simple version based in part on the vocabulary employed in this wiki space.

But the terminology is less important than the idea that collecting evidence of student learning is only a meaningful enterprise when faculty reflect on the results and, when appropriate, take action on them.

Many versions of the assessment loop contain a reporting stage. The loop below substitutes a stage labeled record/reflect, in keeping with the recording model of assessment that the wiki makes possible. Programs own their own pages and use them to record assessment results; they do not complete and submit forms, as they would in a reporting model.

The ability of the wiki to store comments, becoming itself a locus of vibrant discussion about assessment results, means that the recording of and reflection on results do not represent distinct stages. Recorded results may contain reflection (from a department meeting, for example) but may continue generating discussion indefinitely.

It is unreasonable to suppose that every program will take loop-closing action on assessment results each year; however, programs should be able to describe at least some loop-closing actions either taken or considered between one five-year program review and the next.

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