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Graduate Programs:

B.S.Ed. in Childhood Education and Special Education (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.S.Ed. in Early Childhood and Childhood Education (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)

See also:
B.A. in Biology, Adolescence Education: Biology & General Science (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.A. in Chemistry, Adolescence Education: Chemistry & General Science (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.A. in English, Adolescence Education: English (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.A. in  French, Adolescence Education: French (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.A. in Geological Sciences, Adolescence Education: Earth Science & General Science (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.A. in History, Adolescence Education: Social Studies (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.A. in Mathematics, Adolescence Education: Mathematics (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.A. in Physics, Adolescence Education: Physics & General Science (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.A. in Spanish, Adolescence Education: Spanish (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)

M.S.Ed. in Adolescence Education: English
M.S.Ed. in Adolescence Education: French
M.S.Ed. in Adolescence Education: Mathematics
M.S.Ed. in Adolescence Education:Social Studies
M.S.Ed. in Adolescence Education: Spanish
M.S.Ed. in Childhood Multicultural Education (Grades 1-6)
M.S.Ed. in Reading and Literacy (B-12) 

Learning Outcomes for Education

Teacher as Scholar

Rigorous Liberal Arts and Sciences Education

  • Candidates demonstrate, appreciate, and advocate the value of a broad range of knowledge and skills in the liberal arts and sciences and are able to use oral and written communication skills effectively to analyze and convey information.
  • Candidates use appropriate technologies to enhance instruction and to promote active learning.

Teacher as Constructivist Educator

Ability to Meet the Educational Needs of All Students

  • Based on their knowledge of student development within the context of family, school, and community, candidates understand how to create a classroom environment to help all students become successful learners.
  • Candidates use teaching and learning strategies consistent with an understanding of multiple perspectives, cultural and linguistic diversity, and different learning styles, and act in ways that welcome and encourage diversity.

Teacher as Reflective Practitioner

Professional Commitment to Inquiry and Reflective Practice

  • Candidates understand the role of educational research in the classroom and apply that research in their teaching.
  • Candidates demonstrate ongoing professional growth as they implement new strategies, reflect on their teaching and its impact on their students, adjust and revise their practices based on student needs and changing circumstances, and base curricular decisions on evidence of student learning.

2019 Annual Assessment Reports

Assessment Handbook (see appendices to view Assessment rotation)

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