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B.S. in Accounting (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.S. in Business Administration (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)
B.A. in Economics (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)

M.S. in Accounting

Business Studies

Learning Outcomes in Business

A thorough grounding in the principles, tools and best practices of a business discipline.

  • Students will have knowledge of the fundamental concepts and skills necessary for professional competence (assessed through ETS test).
  • Students will be prepared for entry level positions and/or graduate school in a variety of fields (assessed by career services employment survey and graduate school admissions).
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to use current and relevant computer technology (primary trait assessment will be developed to be used in Management Information Systems course).

An appreciation of the many issues that affect the business world.

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and ability to identify current ethical issues affecting business (assessed in Philosophy 237 - Business Ethics - course. Students will read a case and be able to identify ethical concepts).
  • Students will have knowledge and appreciation of multicultural issues and people from a variety of different cultures (post test after taking one required non-western course and the required International Business course).

Competence in the analytic, interpersonal and communication skills necessary to succeed in business.

  • Students will develop logical, quantiative and critical reasoning skills to solve comprehensive problems (students will be measured on their ability to retrieve, and analyze a set of data in the Statistics course).
  • Students will have developed effective written communication skills (English 205 exit exams will be used for assessment).
  • Students will have developed effective oral presentation skills (assessed through Communications 204 course).
  • Students will have an ability to identify team-based skills and leaderships skills (an assessment rubric will be developed for Organizational Behavior course).
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