I requested data from the Department of Computer Science for the academic year of 2011-2012.  9 sections of an R-course were taught.  Attached with the request was a suggested rubric, which I have included below. One instructor with 2 sections of CSCI 114 and a total of 28 students responded.

The stated learning outcomes they were asked to address are as follows:

Learning Outcomes for Numeric and Symbolic Reasoning

Students will demonstrate:

  • the ability to convert a problem into a setting using symbolic notation;
  • the ability to connect and find relationships among symbolic quantities;
  • the ability to construct an appropriate symbolic framework;
  • the ability to carry out algorithmic and logical procedures to resolution;
  • the ability to draw valid conclusions from numeric/symbolic evidence.


         Number of Students in CSCI 114 Earning Each Score


Score                    1                2               3                 4               5

4 - Exceed           16              18              17              15              15

3 - Meet                6                5                5                6                7

2 - Approach         2                2                3                3                3

1 - Not meet         4                 3                3                4                3                   

 *Instructor used the suggested rubric

Total number of students:  28


The instructor responded: 

CSCI 114 has been predominantly successful in making sure that the breadth and depth of the topics suits the large number of different majors (this offering had 13 different majors enrolled) who take the course.   Therefore I dare say, there are not any loopholes to be closed.   However, there is always room for improvement.   In that respect, as advances are made in theory and technology affecting different areas of Computer Science, the content of the topics covered in the course need to be adjusted.


Suggested Rubric


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