Geneseo Learning Outcomes in Information Management

Students will demonstrate the ability to

  • Identify, access, and use the basic operating system features of a personal computer.
  • Identify, access, and operate the appropriate software for a given task.
  • Access and navigate the Intranet.
  • Access, navigate, and evaluate information and resources on the Internet.
  • Use a computer to communicate with others.


Students will:

  • perform the basic operations of personal computer use;
  • understand and use basic research techniques; and
  • locate, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of sources.

I. Label 

Information Literacy 

II. Student Learning Outcomes 

Students will 

• locate information effectively using tools appropriate to their need and discipline; 

• evaluate information with an awareness of authority, validity, and bias; and 

• demonstrate an understanding of the ethical dimensions of information use, creation, and dissemination. 

Method of Assessment

In the assessment year, Milne Library staff will administer an information literacy assessment to students in all sections of Intd 105 (Critical Writing and Reading) during the period set aside for final examinations.

Assessment Results in Information Management

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