In the three rounds of assessment addressed here (2004-2005, 2005-2006 and 2008-2009), the production of coherent texts and their revision were assessed. In the final round (2008-2009), as part of the new, Strengthened Campus-Based Assessment Initiative, a SUNY-developed rubric was adopted in order to more precisely assess writing and revision practices.  This rubric combines trait-analysis categories and descriptions from SUNY-developed rubrics for basic communication and critical thinking. 

The data from 2004-2005 demonstrates that approximately 50% of the students were meeting or exceeding standards for writing and revising coherent texts.  By 2008-2009, this number has improved marginally through such efforts as:

1)    individual faculty mentoring by the CWR Co-Chairs (including providing sample syllabi and assignments to new instructors, reviewing course syllabi, text and reading selections, advising on best teaching practices and grading standards and methods)

2)    the expansion of library support to include plagiarism and more discipline-focused research workshops

3)    the enhancement of the Writing Learning Center in Milne Library (including additional tutor training in ESOL, learning disabilities and stress management)

4)    productive pedagogy discussions sponsored by the Teaching Learning Center

Based on the positive feedback following the summer workshops, there is no doubt that the return of such workshops would be welcomed by Intd.105 instructors and productive in improving the student assessment scores still further.  Additionally, smaller class sizes would permit the individualized attention that coherent writing and meaningful revision require.

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