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How to complete (or revise) a B.A.-B.S. Program/GLOBE Outcome map.

These instructions were devised and approved by the Academic Program Assessment Committee membership in Spring 2019. The base-sheet for each map is a shared Google Sheet shared by the Associate Provost with chairs, assessment coordinators, and other appropriate individuals.

  1. Locate a current copy of your program's curriculum map for reference. One should be located on your department, school, or program's assessment page on the college wiki, indexed here:  

  2. View shared sheet for your program's GLOBE map. In Cell A2, replace or edit the text "Program: BA or BS in YOUR SUBJECT HERE" to match the appropriate degree program ("B.A. in ENGLISH," for example).

  3. If they are not present, add your program outcomes to the GLOBE mapping sheet. In Cells B2 through P2, replace the text "Type or Paste in Program Outcome" with your program outcomes, found in the first left-hand column of your program's curriculum map. Type or paste in each of your program outcomes in row 2, one per column. The form allows for the entry of fifteen outcomes. Most programs actually have about six outcomes. Be sure to copy or delete the columns to match your program's particular number of outcomes; unnecessary columns should be deleted.

  4. In the column descending from each of your outcomes, denote the GLOBE outcomes (in rows 4 through 27) that align with each of your program outcomes. Mark the corresponding row cell with a capital X if such alignment is present. (You may add a brief notation in a cell if your mapping requires qualification, although that is not required.)

    For example, the B.A. in GSCI has the following learning outcome:

    Communicate effectively in both oral and written formats as well as be comfortable with the language of geology.

    That outcome seems to align with the GLOBE outcomes of "Critical Thinking" (particularly that last line in the description) and "Communication." Does comfort with a specialized vocabulary suggest "Informational and Digital Literacy?" It could. So at least those boxes in the matrix get an X. You are neither ranking the outcomes, nor are you determining the level of alignment at present. The committee, APAC, designed this process to be relatively simple.

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