Outcomes and Methodology. Remained the same as previous assessments, although we used a new rubric.

Results. Our new rubric (FLL Rubric 2010) assesses the following categories: Focus/Cultural Content; Organization; Grammar; Vocabulary; and Conventions.  The results were divided into the following categories: Exceeding; Meeting; Approaching; and Not Meeting.  181 students at the 201 level were assessed this Spring and the results are the following:

                       Focus/Cultural Content                 Organization        Grammar        Vocabulary        Conventions 

Exceeding                    20%                                         11%                  4%                 10%                      10%

Meeting                        64%                                         81%                 71%                69%                      79%

Approaching                15%                                          07%                24%                20%                      10%

Not Meeting                  01%                                          01%                01%                01%                      01%

Observations. This is the first time that we assessed in the five categories listed above that correspond to our learning outcomes.  We were pleased to see that 84% of our students were meeting or exceeding the focus / cultural content goal, which was the purpose of this assessment.  In addition, we were encouraged by the high percentage of students meeting or exceeding the goals in the mechanical aspects of writing: organization (92%) and conventions (89%).  While the organization and convention scores were acceptable, we found the grammar (75%) and vocabulary (79%) scores to be average.  In future classes, we will be focusing on these aspects in order to improve these percentages.  We are still being challenged to find a way to accurately measure these skills across 8 languages in a consistent manner (see previous observations).

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