B.A. in Music (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcome Map)
B.A. in Musical Theatre (CurriculumMap.pdf) (GLOBE Outcome Map)

Musical Theatre
Piano Pedagogy 

Learning Outcomes for B.A. in Music

Musicianship and Creativity - assessed in Year 2

Students will demonstrate

  • An understanding of and the ability to read and realize musical notation.

  • The ability to hear, identify, work conceptually, and implement the elements of music such as rhythm, melody, harmony, structure, timbre, and texture.

Critical Thinking, Speaking, and Writing - assessed in Year 3

Students will demonstrate

  • The ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments about music.
  • The ability to develop and defend arguments about music.

Content - assessed in Year 1

Students will demonstrate

  • An acquaintance with a wide selection of musical literature, genres, and cultural sources, as well as with current issues in music scholarship.

  • An understanding of compositional processes, aesthetic properties of musical style, and the ways these shape and are shaped by artistic forces and historical and social contexts.

Performance in Music (not required for HiTEC)- assessed in Years 4 and 5

Students will demonstrate

  • A level of mastery in an instrument or voice commensurate with their level of study and specific to their area of focus, as defined by department standards and recommended by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) or National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS). *Currently under revision.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Music

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