B.A. in Geography (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcome Map)

Environmental Studies
Urban Studies 

Learning Outcomes in Geography

  1. Juniors and seniors will apply geographic concepts, methods, and/or skills in professional or out-of-classroom experiences. This includes participating in professional meetings, formal workshops, internships, study abroad programs, field courses, directed studies, and/or holding related leadership roles.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate the depth and breadth of their learning experience through their post-graduate educational achievements, career paths, and other geographically-related life experiences.  Assessment of their undergraduate education will show that geography provided good preparation for work, further study, and life since graduation.
  3. Students will demonstrate an ability to conduct research: locate, evaluate, synthesize, and convey geographical information from a variety of sources. 
  4. Students will demonstrate knowledge and use of methodological approaches to geographic analysis, including cartography, geographic information systems, and quantitative, qualitative, and field methods.  
  5. Students will be aware of the major developments in the field, have an understanding of the evolution of the discipline, and demonstrate knowledge of the central debates in the discipline of Geography.

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