B.A. in Communication (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)


Learning Outcomes in Communication

The successful student will be able to:

  • describe theories, principles, practices, findings, and historical trends of the
    communication discipline;

  • apply the acquired knowledge of the discipline to real-world applications and practical
    contexts of human communication;

  • demonstrate mastery of writing for unique audiences, purposes, channels, and contexts,
    using standards for the course of study;

  • demonstrate mastery of creation and delivery of oral messages, using established
    standards of effective communication across targeted contexts;

  • research and analyze findings for the course of study, using critical thinking skills;

  • apply ethical standards in communication situations; and

  • demonstrate communication competence across various contexts and diverse

Assessment Rotation

2022-2023: Learning outcomes 4, 6, and 7

2023-2024: Learning outcomes 1 and 3

2024-2025: Learning outcomes 2 and 5

Overview Spreadsheet

An overview of all the department assessment requirements is attached for anyone to reference and adapt as is helpful.

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