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The College Assessment Council supports College-wide assessment and institutional effectiveness. See the page in this space on Institutional Effectiveness structure.

Membership of the CAC

  • Assistant Provost for Curriculum and Assessment (Chair)
  • Director of Budget
  • Director of Institutional Research
  • Director of Teaching Learning Center
  • Chair of the College Senate or designee
  • Chair of Academic Program Assessment Committee
  • Administration and Finance Assessment Chair (or VP's designee)
  • Student and Campus Life Assessment Chair (or VP's designee)
  • Enrollment Management Assessment Representative
  • Advancement Assessment Representative
  • Faculty member (3-year term)
  • Student representative 

Charge to the CAC members, dated September 30, 2016:

  • Facilitate College-wide assessment and institutional effectiveness by ensuring the presence of assessment plans across the College and their alignment with the College’s mission and Strategic Plan.

  • Draft and recommend for my approval the aforementioned assessment summary form that will be submitted by each department/division along with its annual assessment report. The standard form should include: 1) a summary of key assessment activities, findings, and proposed follow-up actions, 2) information about all Strategic Plan action items addressed, with activities undertaken, outcomes, reflections, and future plans, and 3) conclusions about additional
    resources needed to further advance Strategic Plan action items related to the assessment.

  • Review the assessment results from the College’s units and respond as necessary to the Vice President or equivalent leader who submitted them, in order to ensure continued adherence to assessment best practices. Those practices include the use of adequate assessment measures and evidence of loop-closing. Upon the request of the SPG, the CAC will provide assessment data in support of Strategic Plan implementation.

  • Support the Assistant Provost for Curriculum and Assessment, the Accreditation Liaison Officer, and the Director of Institutional Research in the preparation of the annual report to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

  • Provide a program of events designed to foster a culture of assessment on campus.

  • Organize assessment training and professional development across the campus.

Formerly, some CAC duties were addressed by the College Assessment Advisory Council (CAAC).