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Each major program at Geneseo is reviewed every fifth year, following a rigorous procedure that involves a self-study and a visit from external reviewers.

The program self-study must include a description of the program's student learning outcomes assessment plan, together with a discussion of assessment results and an explanation of how the program has closed or is closing the assessment loop by implementing program changes, as appropriate, in response to assessment results.

The SUNY policy on assessment of the major may be found here. SUNY procedures for assessment of the major may be found here.

Locally, Geneseo requires that each major program conduct learning outcomes assessment yearly and record assessment results in the Academic Assessment space of the Geneseo wiki. In recording their yearly results, programs should explain how they have closed or are closing the assessment loop.

Programs can lighten the burden of addressing assessment in their five-year periodic self-studies by doing a thorough and consistent job of recording yearly results and by providing thoughtful written reflection together with each year's results.

The Academic Program Assessment Committee meets face-to-face each year with assessment coordinators and (if desired) chairs or deans of programs scheduled to undergo fifth-year review in the following academic year.

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