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Each program and gen ed area has a main page of the wiki where visitors can view that program or area's learning outcomes. This page is visible to any person who has access to the World Wide Web, whether or not that person is a member of the Geneseo community.

This main page for the program or gen ed area has a child page that is visible to members of the Geneseo community only. This is the "Assessment Results" page. Children of this restricted-access child page are similarly restricted. Users must be logged in to see restricted pages.

Unless you want your assessment results to be on view to the whole world, it's important that you put them on pages that are descendents (children, grandchildren, etc.) of the page named "[Your program or gen ed area] Assessment Results."


The English department page in the Academic Assessment space looks like this to someone who is not logged in to the wiki. (Only Geneseo users can log in.)

Once you log in, however, you can see the link to the page named "Engl Assessment Results."

If you click the link you see the page "Engl Assessment Results," a child of "English." Each of the children of "Engl Assessment Results" holds assessment results for a given year.

The viewing restriction applies to all pages that are descendents of "Engl Assessment Results."

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