Academic Assessment is a collaborative work space for:

What's here?

The Academic Assessment wiki space contains learning outcomes and assessment results for Geneseo's academic programs and general education areas. Faculty gather these results in an effort to figure out what they might do better, collectively, to advance student learning. (You can read more about the reasoning behind assessment at Why Assess?)

Each academic program maintains a page here. They're all listed in the navigation bar at left. There's also a page for each general education area. ("General Education" is listed at left between "Foreign Languages" and "Geography.")

The main page for each academic program or gen ed area displays its learning outcomes. If you're logged in, you'll also see links to the program's or area's yearly assessment results and to some reflection on how the program or area is closing the assessment loop.

Information on Academic Program Review can be found on the Program Review homepage.

What's new?

You'll always find the latest information about program assessment activities and requirements at This Year in Program Assessment. For the latest on general education assessment, visit This Year in Gen Ed Assessment.

You'll also find assessment news and opinion on the Assessment Blog.

Help! I'm lost!

If you're not used to Geneseo's Confluence wiki, you may find it a little intimidating to navigate at first. It's different from ordinary websites because its content comes largely from its users. As a result, its page hierarchy shifts around from time to time as new pages are created or existing ones are moved.

You can always identify your current location by looking at the page title and the path just above it. Right now you're at "Academic Assessment Home," one level beneath the top level, "Pages." Click on Why Assess? (we really want you to read that page) and you'll see that it's one level further down: Pages/Academic Assessment Home/Why Assess?

It's just like the structure of your hard drive, really, except there are no folders, only pages. Confluence calls a page created beneath another page a "child." Whatever page you happen to be on, you'll always find its "children" listed in the left navigation bar, which travels with you wherever you go in the Academic Assessment wiki space.

The navigation bar also has a "Pages" link at the very top. If you click it, you can see a list of recently updated pages and a collapsible "tree browser" for exploring the complete page hierarchy.

Occasionally, a link may take you outside the Academic Assessment space to another space in the Geneseo wiki. Use your browser's Back button or History menu to get back here, or click on the "Spaces" tab in the blue ribbon at the top of the Confluence window to see a list of your recently visited spaces and select "Academic Assessment."

And don't forget about the Search box in that blue ribbon. It's often the fastest way to find what you're looking for. It will begin returning search results as you type.

If all else fails, contact Melanie Blood, William Harrison, or Paul Schacht.