Department and School Assessment Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Promoting and coordinating assessment within the department or school, including promoting active involvement of colleagues in your department or school
  • Disseminating information about assessment to deans, department chairs and colleagues
  • Convening a department/school assessment committee to oversee and monitor assessment and facilitating assessment-related dialogue at department or school meetings
  • Encouraging colleagues in the department/school to use the results from assessment activities to improve pedagogy and curricular programs
  • Communicating with both the department/school and the Provost's Office regarding assessment
  • Documenting annual department/school assessment activities on the assessment wiki pages and assisting the dean or department chair with the completion of the Annual Assessment Audit
  • Reviewing and updating annually all department or school degree program curriculum maps
  • Documenting department/school action plans based on annual assessment
  • Serving on the Academic Program Assessment Committee (APAC) as needed, keep APAC updated on department/school assessment, and participate in APAC initiatives
  • Communicating and collaborating with assessment coordinators in other programs to create a culture of assessment and facilitate college-level data collection and communication
  • Presenting annually departmental or school assessment activity at an Assesstivus presentation or roundtable

Guidelines for program assessment from Melanie Blood, Fall 2019

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Service Term Ends


Jim Aimers

Art History

Alla Myzelev


Travis Bailey


Shuo Chen


Jeff Peterson

CommunicationSarah Brookes


EnglishSam Fallon

Geography & Sustainability Studies

Stephen Tulowiecki

Geological Sciences

Scott Giorgis


Amanda Lewis-Nang'ea, Justin Behrend

Languages and Literatures

Lori Bernard, Cynthia Klima, Liz McManus, Susana Castillo-Rodriguez


Kate Kochalski

Music & Musical Theatre

Monica Hershberger


Amanda Roth

Physics and Astronomy

Ed Pogozelski

Political Science and International Relations

Raslan Ibrahim

Psychology & Neuroscience

Anjoo Sikka & Bradley Taber-Thomas


Michael Restivo

Theatre and Dance

Johnnie Ferrell

Interdisciplinary Majors:

American StudiesCaroline Woidat
Black StudiesCathy Adams, Maria Lima
Women's and Gender Studies

Amanda Roth

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