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Department and School Assessment Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Promoting and coordinating assessment within the department or school
  • Promoting active involvement in assessment activities by departmental or school colleagues
  • Promoting and assisting in the integration of assessment of student learning within the department and the institution
  • Disseminating information about assessment to deans, department chairs and colleagues
  • Working with a school/department assessment committee to oversee and monitor assessment activities within the department or school
  • Convening a department/school assessment committee when needed, and facilitating assessment-related specific dialogue at department or school meetings
  • Encouraging instructors to use the results from assessment activities to improve pedagogy and curricular programs
  • Communicating with both the department/school and the Provost's Office regarding assessment
  • Documenting annual departmental or school assessment activities
  • Assisting the dean or department chair with the completion of the Annual Assessment Audit
  • Maintaining and updating the school or department's assessment wiki pages
  • Reviewing and updating annually all department or school degree program curriculum maps
  • Document departmental or school action plans based on annual assessment
  • Keeping the Academic Program Assessment Committee (APAC) informed of school/department assessment activities, issues, and/or concerns via an annual school or department plan and report
  • Serving on the Academic Program Assessment Committee as needed
  • Participating actively in Academic Program Assessment Committee initiatives
  • Communicating and collaborating with assessment coordinators in other programs to facilitate college-level data collection and communication
  • Presenting annually departmental or school assessment activity at an Assesstivus presentation or roundtable
  • Participating actively in an assessment coordinator learning community

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Service Term Ends


Paul Pacheco

Art History

Alla Myzelev


Rob Feissner


Shuo Chen


Jeff Peterson

CommunicationSarah Brookes


Sara Irizarry

EnglishGraham Drake


Stephen Tulowiecki

Geological Sciences

Scott Giorgis


Jordan Kleiman

Languages and LiteraturesKate Fredericks, Susana Castillo-Rodriguez, Liz McManus


George Reuter


Amy Stanley


Amanda Roth, Heidi Savage

Physics and Astronomy

Ed Pogozelski

Political Science and International Relations

Jeremy Grace


Karen Mooney


Steve Derne, Lisa Meyer

Theatre and Dance

Steve Stubblefield

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