10 Sep 2013

In recognition of his six years of stalwart service as Presiding Officer of the Faculty and Senate Chair at the SUNY College at Geneseo, the College Senate presents Dennis Showers with this ceremonial gavel as a token of our sincere appreciation.

7 May 2013

Whereas, President Christopher C. Dahl has provided long and valued service to the State University of New York at Geneseo and

?Whereas, President Dahl has shown himself to be highly committed to the principles and processes of shared faculty governance, even having served as a role model to other presidents and administrators in the SUNY System and beyond, and

?Whereas, President Dahl has provided both service and leadership to the Geneseo College Senate through his committed presence and judicious input,

?Be it therefore resolved, on this day, May 7, 2013 that the Geneseo College Senate on behalf of the entire college community expresses its heartfelt thanks and appreciation for his service and commitment and offers him a token of our appreciation declaring that he is a Friend of the College Senate and wishes him well in the next phase of his life's journey.

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