7 Feb 2017

Resolution: Increasing Adjunct Salaries

  1. Whereas the necessity of Adjunct Faculty at SUNY Geneseo is a fact;

  2. Whereas 32% of our teaching faculty are Adjunct Faculty, teaching 10 - 15% of the courses at the College;

  3. Whereas our Adjuncts provide a valuable component of our academic curriculum and frequently teach Core courses that are necessary for our students for meeting graduation requirements;

  4. Whereas Geneseo highly values teaching, and adjunct faculty have a significant and meaningful role in instructing students;

  5. Whereas Adjunct Faculty at Geneseo are paid less than similar employees at some neighboring institutions;

  6. Whereas other SUNY colleges have unilaterally increased adjunct salaries;

  7. Whereas there is not in place a salary increase structure for adjuncts commensurate to increases in cost of living;

Be it resolved that the Geneseo College Senate strongly and enthusiastically urges the Administration to increase the salaries of all adjunct faculty at SUNY Geneseo.

Revision to Guidelines for Use of the Faculty-L List-Serve

The faculty-l@geneseo.edu list is to be used to communicate curricular, co-curricular, service, pedagogical, personnel, and other any information pertinent to the faculty only. This list is not intended as a forum for dialogue or commercial advertisement. All faculty, including librarians, are automatically included on this list. While faculty members may elect to unsubscribe to this list, doing so may cause them not to receive pertinent information about the above topics. Because the members of this list are also on the allstaff-l list, the same message should not be sent to both faculty-l and allstaff-l.

5 May 2015

Resolution on Gender Equity

The Senate of SUNY Geneseo recommends that:

1. The College makes a clear and easy-to-access webpage within a faculty handbook, gathering current policies on FMLA leave, flex-time policies, Drescher Leave, how to stop the tenure clock in case of family leaves, and sick leave donation. Such information should also appear in the coming "Faculty Handbook."

2. The College provides a written statement acknowledging the issue of gender inequality among faculty and committing to responding to the issue as a campus.

3. The College President instructs the Diversity Commission to study in more detail gender equity issues on campus and to issue recommendations with regard to recruitment, support, and retrenchment of faculty. The President should consider appointing to the Commission an external consultant who is an expert on the matter, and, if needed, to appoint additional people with the authority and the expertise to request appropriate data and implement appropriate changes. The administration and/or the Diversity Commission should collect and share information on gender equity as concerns tenure and promotion.

4. The Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC) should meet yearly with the College Affirmative Action Officer to discuss various gender bias issues which may arise during the review process.

15 Apr 2014

Faculty Participation in Evaluation of START-UP NY Proposals

Upon the receipt of a proposal by the SUNY College at Geneseo from a business for participation in the START-UP NY program, a Campus Evaluation Committee will consider the proposal. The Campus Evaluation Committee will include three (four?) members of the faculty. This will include the Chair of the College Senate or his or her designee and three faculty selected from among the faculty of departments most closely aligned with the proposal's contents. The Chair of the College Senate will contact the chairs of the departments most closely aligned with the proposal's contents. These departments will provide two faculty members willing to serve. The College Senate Chair will also recommend a faculty member from the wider campus community.

These faculty committee members along with the other members of the committee will be responsible with reading the proposal and submitting an evaluation of the proposal. As part of the process there will be the opportunity to raise questions about specific points of the proposal and its relationship to the mission of the college. The business sponsoring the proposal will then have the opportunity to answer those questions before the final recommendation is made.

The faculty will be required to serve only for the evaluation of that specific proposal. Each separate proposal will require formulation of a separate committee. Re-evaluation committees that will review the continued alignment of previously approved proposals will follow the same faculty participation structure.

8 Oct 2013

Whereas the required two-day unpaid furlough in 2013-2014 under the new UUP contract will impact faculty and staff morale, and

Whereas the College Senate realizes that the Geneseo Administration is not responsible for this policy, and cannot refuse its implementation.  However, the administration can help to mitigate the negative impact of the furlough on faculty and staff morale and demonstrate the Administration’s sensitivity to the faculty’s and staff’s willingness to accept the salary reductions by carefully considering the way this policy is implemented.

College Senate recommends that the Administration consult closely with faculty and staff to find ways to implement the furlough with the following goals in mind:

  1. The unpaid (i.e., non-reimbursed) furlough days should, to the greatest extent possible, be real “days off” so that faculty are not asked to essentially provide unpaid labor to the State.
  2. Students and the general public should be educated about the nature of faculty work life so that they more fully understand why unpaid furloughs are unfair and unreasonable.
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