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College students are among the populations most at risk for contracting the flu - whether H1N1 (AKA "Swine Flu") or "regular" flu strains - because they live in very close proximately to each other.  While each student's need will be unique, Residence Life at Geneseo has tried to prepare for illness that may affect our students this fall:

  • Hand sanitizing dispensers are being installed in residence halls.
  • We will continue to promote hand-washing, good sleep habits, and healthy eating choices (this promotion was begun with the “Have a Healthy End to the Semester” campaign in Spring 2009).
  • If students are able to go home to recuperate from the flu, we will assist them in contacting College officials to certify their temporary absence.
  • If students who are sick with the flu need to stay on campus, we will ask them not to attend class.  We have reserved two dozen rooms to create isolation spaces for either sick students or their roommates.
  • If we run out of isolation spaces, we will provide extra mattresses for healthy roommates to move in with friends temporarily.
  • We have spoken with Campus Auxiliary Services, and the executive chef will work with the health center to come up with a suggested list of foods that will sit well with sick students.  CAS will provide take-out meals that "flu buddies" can bring back to sick students.

Residence Life will encourage students to get flu shots through the Health Center (

I encourage ill students to call home and make sure their parents are aware of their condition.  RAs are available in residence halls to help students negotiate assistance they may need while they are not well.

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