Listed below are a number of resources that can help inform students about academic success resources, health and wellbeing information, and college policies.

Updated August 2022.


SUNY Geneseo’s Commitments, Mission and Values

SUNY Geneseo has several core documents that articulate our shared commitments and learning objectives. These include:

Land Acknowledgment

Land acknowledgements are expressions of sorrow and remembrance to those whose historic territory one resides on. Geneseo resides on the homeland of the Seneca Nation of Indians and Tonawanda Seneca Nation. I encourage you to learn more about these original occupants and those indigenous to other places you have lived. You may consider using the Native Land app and/or websites such as to learn more about the community of more than 7,000 enrolled Indigenous Peoples.  


Academic Support Services

The campus provides a range of support services to help students thrive in their classes. These services include:

Information on times and locations is available through the Campus Learning Centers website at

Additionally, the college offers a number of peer mentoring programs that are designed to reinforce good academic habits. These include:

  • Academic Peer Mentors in the Office of Academic Planning and Advising provide students with promising study strategies and can host on-going appointments with students seeking an "accountability buddy". More information is available at
  • The ONYX Academic Success workshop series sponsored by the GOLD Leadership Program introduces students to a variety of study skills, time management techniques, and instruction on how to access campus resources for academic and career guidance. A full list of GOLD workshops can be accessed at


SUNY Geneseo is dedicated to providing an equitable and inclusive educational experience for all students. The Office of Accessibility will coordinate accommodations, auxiliary aids, and/or services designed to ensure full participation and equal access to all academic programs, activities, and services at SUNY Geneseo. Students with letters of accommodation should submit a letter to us and discuss needs at the beginning of the semester. Please contact the Office of Accessibility Services for questions related to access and accommodations.

Office of Accessibility Services

Erwin Hall 22

(585) 245-5112

Library Research Help

Fraser Hall Library has an award-winning staff trained in finding the best information using library resources and advanced search strategies. Students may ask questions about using library services, locating materials, or conducting research projects. There is a librarian who specializes in the subject matter for each major. Students can book a research help meeting during the librarians' office hours or email their questions to Learn more at

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Geneseo's Library offers frequent workshops to help students understand how to paraphrase, quote, and cite outside sources properly. These sessions are meant to educate about the importance of using original ideas and language, and how to incorporate paraphrases and quotes into writing. The complete list of library workshops can be found at

Academic dishonesty includes cheating, knowingly providing false information, plagiarizing, and any other form of academic misrepresentation. College policies and procedures regarding academic dishonesty are available at

Technology Support

CIT provides a range of technology support resources. When you are in Canvas, the Help menu on the left side of the screen will also direct you to a number of CIT supports, including self help resources and options to request technology assistance. For assistance with your computer or mobile device, visit the CIT HelpDesk in Fraser. Geneseo students, faculty and staff have free access to the entire LinkedIn Learning training library (over 7,500 courses, including tutorials for software, digital tools, web development, programming, and design) through Geneseo's site license. For more information, visit this self help document. (

Getting Help with Navigating Canvas and Online Classes

CIT has developed a number of resources that can help you formulate good strategies for success in online courses. These include general strategies for keeping on track with your courses as well as more specific resources about learning experiences that you may encounter in an online course. The Office of the Dean for Academic Planning and Advising has also introduced the new KOALA (Knights Online Academic Learning Assistance) course support resource. Throughout the semester, if you need help with online learning strategies, or you are having difficulty understanding how to work your way through Canvas modules for face-to-face as well as online classes, you can contact KOALA for assistance identifying resources and strategies for success. Schedule a KOALA appointment.

Religious Observations and Class Attendance

New York State Education Law 224-a stipulates that “any student in an institution of higher education who is unable, because of [their] religious beliefs, to attend classes on a particular day or days shall, because of such absence on the particular day or days, be excused from any examination or any study or work requirements” (see SUNY Geneseo has a commitment to inclusion and belonging, and I want to stress my respect for the diverse identities and faith traditions of students in my class. If you anticipate an absence due to religious observations, please contact me as soon as possible in advance to discuss your needs and arrange make up plans. The New York State Department of Civil Service maintains a calendar of major religious observations for 2021 and 2022

Military Obligations and Class Attendance

Federal and New York State law requires institutions of higher education to provide an excused leave of absence from classes without penalty to students enrolled in the National Guard or armed forces reserves who are called to active duty. If you are called to active military duty and need to miss classes, please let me know and consult as soon as possible with the Dean of Students. 

Bias-Related Incidents

“We are here to listen, to learn, to teach, to debate, to change, to grow. We should all be safe to pursue these goals at SUNY Geneseo while being who we are. Together, we commit ourselves to pluralism, cultivating a community that respects difference and promotes a sense of inclusion and belonging.” 

As this excerpt from our Community Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion states, here at SUNY Geneseo, we want to provide a space where everyone feels welcome to learn and grow in their identities as well as in their role as students, faculty, and staff. If in the unfortunate instance you experience an incident of bias, we encourage you to reach out to the Chief Diversity Officer (, Interim Director of Multicultural Affairs (, and/or our University Police Department. In trying to create an environment that facilitates growth through diverse thoughts and ideas, reporting incidents of bias - including threats, vandalism, and microaggressive behaviors - can help bring a better understanding of our campus climate as well as provide opportunities for learning and restoring harm.



Prioritizing well-being can support the achievement of academic goals and alleviate stress. Eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, exercising, avoiding drugs and alcohol, maintaining healthy relationships, and building in time to relax all help promote a healthy lifestyle and general well-being.

The changes brought on by COVID-19 have impacted us all in a number of ways, and will continue to do so at various times and to varying degrees during the upcoming semester. Your health and wellbeing are foundational to your ability to learn, and if you find that you are feeling unwell (physically or mentally) and it is impacting your ability to complete your coursework, please reach out. In a similar way, I will occasionally ask for some patience and flexibility on your part. The pandemic is affecting faculty as well as students and creating demands that would not be present in an ordinary semester. If I am slow responding to an email, if I take some time to grade an assignment, or if I am a bit late posting course materials, please be patient (and feel free to send me a ‘nudge’; I will not be offended). You will never suffer any disadvantage in the course because of delays on my part. Remember that we are all in this together.

Concerns about academic performance, health situations, family health and wellness (including the loss of a loved one), interpersonal relationships and commitments, and other factors can contribute to stress. Students are strongly encouraged to communicate their needs to faculty and staff and seek support if they are experiencing unmanageable stress or are having difficulties with daily functioning. The Dean of Students (585-245-5706) can assist and provide direction to appropriate campus resources. For more information, see

Mental Health

As a student, you may experience a range of challenges that can impact your mental health and thus impact your learning; common examples include increased anxiety, shifts in mood, strained relationships, difficulties related to substance use, trouble concentrating, and lack of motivation, among many others. These experiences may reduce your ability to participate fully in daily activities and affect your academic performance.

SUNY Geneseo offers free, confidential counseling for students through Student Health and Counseling, and seeking support for your mental health can be key to your success at college. You can learn more about the various mental health services available on campus To request a counseling appointment, please complete the online form through

Guidelines for Attendance and Public Health

As we continue to deal with variants of the COVID-19 virus well into the future, I share these expectations for classroom attendance and protecting public health. SUNY Geneseo is a residential liberal arts college where we all learn together in a shared space. This classroom community is vital for engaging in discussions, solving problems, and answering questions together. Learning is an active process, and it requires engagement - on my part and yours. I promise to create an interactive and collaborative classroom space, and in return I expect you to attend and engage in the activities. 

We know that COVID is shifting from a pandemic to endemic stage, and it’s possible that some of you may get infected over the course of the semester. Because we want you to be successful and because we value your contribution to the course, we expect you to prioritize attendance. If you are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID* on a day we have class, please take a COVID test. Testing is available through the Health Center, or you may take a self-test if you have one. If you test negative and feel well enough to attend, put on a well-fitting mask, come to class, and maintain physical distance as much as possible. If your symptoms do not allow you to attend class, stay home (except to go to the health center), rest, and take care of yourself. I expect you to communicate with me directly about your absences. I can support you to keep up with class if you are out for COVID-related reasons, but I need you to take responsibility for being transparent and clear in letting me know when you are out and why. Although I can work with you on keeping up, you may miss some course content and extended absences may impact your ability to realize your full potential in this class. For extended absences (i.e., more than a couple of days of classes), you should contact the Dean of Students who can assist with reaching out to your faculty.

Finally, I want you to succeed and learn in this class, and I want to protect our community from COVID as best as I can.

*Examples of common symptoms include:
fever or chills, 
difficulty breathing,
muscle or body aches,
new loss of taste or smell,
sore throat,
congestion or runny nose
nausea or vomiting

Food Security for SUNY Geneseo Students

There are resources available for students who are food insecure. If you're unfamiliar with the phrase "food insecurity," you can learn more at the following link on Feeding America’s website: Understanding Food Insecurity (

The Pantry at Geneseo, our on campus food pantry, works in partnership with the Geneseo-Groveland Emergency Food Pantry (GGEFP) and is facilitated by interns and volunteers working out of the Office of Student Volunteerism and Community Engagement as well as the School of Business, and the GOLD Leadership and Student Athlete Mentors programs.

Any student who is food insecure can submit a request here: Food Pantry Request Form ( to receive a bag of food that will provide them with items that will last a few days, including nonperishables and when available fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy. Once submitted, interns will connect directly with the student to communicate next steps and the time of your pick up. Pickups will take place in the MacVittie College Union, Room 114 - the GOLD Leadership Center. 

This program will provide individuals with a bag of food up to once a month. We will do our utmost to ensure anonymity, while also working to destigmatize food insecurity in our community.

Students are also able to access the Geneseo-Groveland Emergency Food Pantry ( on their own if that is their preference. It is located at 31 Center St. and is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 AM - 2 PM and Wednesdays 4 - 6:30 PM. 

If you have any questions about this process or anything relating to food insecurity, or have a need beyond what is outlined above, please refer to our website or contact us directly at / 585-245-5893 or the Dean of Students at 585-245-5706.

Emergency Funding

The college has three sources of emergency funding for students experiencing short-term financial crises. The Camiolo Student Emergency Loan Fund (SELF) provides short-term loans to students for situations both temporary and beyond their control.The SELF was established with the expectation that students who use the fund seek to “pay it forward” as soon as they are able by contributing to the fund so other students can be helped, too. While there is not a legal obligation, the donors hope that student loan recipients respect and honor the value of community and helping others in their time of crisis. The One Knight Student Aid Emergency Fund assists Geneseo students who are facing financial emergencies mainly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund offers grants (one-time award) depending on a student's documented financial need. For those students expecting a refund from financial aid, a Temple Hill loan of up to $500 can be offered prior to the approved loan dispersal. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact the Dean of Students (585-245-5706), who can assist and provide direction to appropriate campus resources.

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