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  • Apr 3: Upload your poster file as an attachment to your wiki page: click into your page, select Tools menu> Attachments (upper right corner of window), and it should be clear from there.  If anyone runs into trouble because of a file size being too big, let an instructor know.
  • Mar 8: Be sure to look over the poster guideline lower down on this page.  Once you come up with a layout concept, check it with one of the instructors before putting lots of effort into the details.
  • Feb 22: Create a wiki page for your team.  As you develop the resources for your project, keep a record of them in that page.
  • Feb 8: As you come up with and refine your focus, please update your line in the table.  Talk with the instructors, either to come up with ideas, verify that ideas fit with the course, or flesh out ideas with additional possible directions.
  • Jan 27: If you are getting emails that you don't want every time a page gets updated, follow these instructions:
    • On the offending page, go to the Tools menu (upper right of window) and deselect the "Watch" option.
    • From the menu with your name (upper right , next to Search), select Settings.  From the navigation menu on the left, select the Email tab.  In this window, deselect the Autowatch option.
  • Jan 25: It looks like we've settled in to 15 students for the course.  So 5 teams, each with 3 students, would work very nicely.
  • Jan 25: See you for the first class today!  Bring information about your assigned Decade!
Course Roster



Person or Experiment
for focused study

PatronPractice Presentation

Dwyer, Brian

Schultz, Isaac

Bateman, Gage

Physics & Philosophy



How Maxwell's work laid the foundation for the idea of the Lumineferous aether, which was replaced by the notion of special relativity. James Clerk MaxwellDr. McLeanApril 12, #1

Green, Jeffrey

Turner, Christopher

Jones, Jared




Age of the EarthDr. TowsleyApril 5, #1

Marble, Erin

Joyce, Bridget

Smarcz, Rebecca

Kirkpatrick, Christine





Royal Society beginnings

(planning to split into 2 pairs, with parallel and interconnecting subtopics)

Dr. Cope

Poster 1: April 5, #2

Poster 2: April 12, #2

McNeill, Matthew

Bienstock, Jared



History of Blood Circulation (starting with Galen and ending with Harvey)

Dr. CopeApril 5, #3

Silliman, Victoria

Lauda, Brittany

Kedenburg, Michael




Nikola TeslaDr. McLeanApril 12, #3
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