2015 Motion 2. Referring the appropriate title

Whereas, the Presiding Officer of the Faculty is ex officer the Chair of College Senate, but the following roles do not involve the College Senate, be it

Resolved, that Article III Section 3 and Article VI Section 3 of the Faculty Constitution be amended as follows:

Article III: Standing Committees of the Faculty

Section 3: Committee on Faculty Personnel

b. Selection of Committee Members

4. The Committee on Nominations and Elections shall compile the nominations from Departments and create the slate of nominees for presentation to the Chair of Senate Presiding Officer of the Faculty at least one week prior to the October All-College meeting.

Article Vi: Duties of Officers

Section 3: The Secretary

The Secretary shall review the minutes of the Executive Committee of the College Senate, of the College Senate, and of those general Faculty meetings at which the Chair presides Presiding Officer of the Faculty chairs. …

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