2015 Motion 8. Procedures for Faculty Absences

Whereas the situations under which a governance office should be considered vacated are not clearly defined, be it

Resolved that the following be added to the Standing Rules of the Faculty

II: Participation

1. If a faculty member who holds any governance office or position becomes unable to fulfill the duties of that office for a period greater than 30 days, and if that faculty member wishes to return to service before the end of his or her term, then the faculty member must notify the Presiding Officer of the Faculty within that 30 days.

2. If no notification is received, that office or position will be considered vacant.  The process for filling such a vacancy as defined elsewhere in the Constitution will be initiated.

3. If notification of intent to return to service is received within 30 days, the position or office is not considered vacant.  However, if the expected duration of the absence is one semester or greater, the Presiding Officer of the Faculty, at his or her discretion, may fill the position on a temporary basis by following the same procedure as would be used to fill a vacancy.

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