General Instructions, tailored to this wiki

Finding your way around

Wiki spaces are structured hierarchically. Each page can have "child" pages. Child pages can have their own children, etc. The "breadcrumbs" at the top left of the window tell your current position in the hierarchy.  The entire space structure can be seen by selecting Pages in the left sidebar.  A list of children for the currently shown page is towards the bottom of the sidebar.

You can use the Search function to search for page names and content.  But this wiki is sufficiently structured that you will probably get places by clicking links.

No two pages in a wiki space can have the same title.  This is both a blessing (title tells you exactly what you are seeing) and a curse (for a new page, you might wish a title that is already taken).


Files can be attached to any page; they are attached to a specific page, not the space as a whole.  You can use this feature for file sharing, similar to DropBox or Google Drive.  You can upload an attachment to a page by simply dragging the file onto the page.

Many pages in this wiki are designed to show a list of attachments right on the page.  But in some cases, to see, access, and work with attachments you must click on the "three dots" menu button in the upper right and select "Attachments" (the first menu item).

Editing pages

To modify a page, click the Edit in the upper right of window.  Editing uses MS Word-like formatting buttons in a toolbar.  The underlying structure of the page is HTML, as for web pages, although there is a lot of specialized "Confluence" markup.

Be aware that formatting can be pretty limited.  The wiki is good for keeping information, but not for fine control of how the information is presented.

Setting up email notification

You can "watch" a page in the wiki. When you watch a page, you receive an email notification every time a change is made. Watch or stop watching a page by using the Watching in the upper right of the window.

Controlling Access

Within a wiki space, there can be pages that you can view but not edit, or pages that you cannot view at all.  If you create a new page, it will have the same access control settings as its parent.  Currently only the Presiding Officer/Senate Chair can change access control settings – contact him/her if you need something fixed.


A good way to practice using the wiki is click on the head-and-shoulders at the top-right of the page (to the right of the Search box), and select Personal Space.  (If you upload an image, it can replace the generic head-and-shoulders.)  This will take you to your Personal Space in the wiki (or offer you the opportunity to create one). In your Personal Space, you can experiment without risking breaking anything.

Tips for Committee Chairs and Members

Committees may want to use the wiki space to collaborate with one another.

There is a page in the wiki space for each of the committees.  The top-level pages of this wiki are visible to the whole College community. Each committee page can be edited only by members of that committee.  (If you create children of the above pages, they will be editable by the whole campus. You can choose to restrict them more narrowly.)

If you wish to share items only among your own committee, then use the "Private" child page of your committee page.  Only the respective committee members can see (and edit) things there.

Most "Private" committee pages include a widget that lists who has access.  If you find that the list is incorrect, please contact either the Presiding Officer (AKA Senate Chair) or the Governance Webmaster  about getting it updated.


This wiki is also used to save past work.  For tips on archiving items, read Governance Wiki Archiving.

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