Although the Confluence wiki is a stable platform for archiving information, it is not particularly user-friendly.  Some work "by hand" is required to save things, and to keep them organized.

Creating an Annual Archive Page

To create a new page archiving information from a year, it is probably best to start by copying an older page.  Go to the page to be copied, and from the 3-dots menu (upper right) select Copy.  This will go into Edit mode of the newly copied page, where you can rename it (with the format "[Cmte OR Officer][year]", as indicated to the right).

  • If you do this with a current page, in order to archive it, you will likely want to copy all attached files as well.  You will need to change the "Parent page" to the appropriate "Archive for XXX" page.
  • If you do this with an older archive page, to use as a template, you will NOT want to copy attached files.  The suggested "Parent page" should not need to be changed.

Archiving Attached Files

When archiving a file, remember that the file itself needs to be attached to the archive page.  Placing (in the archive page) a link to a file that's attached to another wiki page is unreliable, as the original file may be changed.

Files attached to a page are not automatically shown on the page itself.  You may want to use the macro "Advanced Tables - Attachment Table" to show them.  Copying an older archive page can provide this table with no additional work.  Otherwise, while editing, type an open brace "{", the word "table", then select the macro from the drop-down that appears.

If you need to archive a table from a current page, it is probably easiest to download the file and re-upload to the archive page.  Moving attached files directly between wiki pages is possible, but awkward.  Copying directly between wiki pages isn't possible.

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