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The Officer Position Descriptions page gives details about the offices and duties.  The Officers of the Faculty are defined by the Constitution of the Faculty, Article V.  All also hold (ex officio) the corresponding College Senate offices, except the UFS, who is a Senate member.

Send an email to any officer by clicking on a name or picture below.

2019-2020 Academic Year

Presiding Officer & Senate ChairVice ChairPast Presiding Officer

Amy Sheldon
(Geological Sciences)
Rob Doggett
Paul Schacht, by appointment

SecretaryTreasurerUniversity Faculty Senator
Lee Pierce
Harry Howe
(School of Business)

James McLean
(Physics & Astronomy)

Alternate UFS

Anthony Macula 

Faculty Governance offices located in Erwin 222

Phone for that room: (585)245-6004

Secretary to the Provost, also serving College Senate
Deborah Prescott
Erwin 205

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