This lists elected Officers of the Faculty, and the "Recorder" (a non-faculty person recording minutes in Senate meetings).  There is also a list of chairs of standing committees of the Senate.

Yellow cells indicate taking office not by direct election; either by succession or by appointment to a vacancy.
Green text indicates still active at the college.
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Vice ChairPresiding Officer
(Senate Chair) 
Past Presiding
Faculty Senator
TreasurerSecretaryDEI AdvisorRecorder
2022Rob DoggettAmy SheldonPaul SchachtAnnmarie Urso
Harry HoweLee PierceDaniel Jacques
2021Rob DoggettAmy SheldonPaul SchachtJames McLeanHarry HoweLee PierceDaniel Jacques
2020Rob Doggett
Amy SheldonPaul SchachtJames McLeanHarry Howe
Lee Pierce

2019Kurt FletcherAmy SheldonPaul SchachtJames McLeanDoug BaldwinLee Pierce
Kim Wilcox (SBDC)
2018Amy SheldonDuane McPhersonJames McLeanMaria LimaDoug BaldwinLee Pierce
Kim Wilcox (SBDC)
2017VACANTDuane McPhersonJames McLeanMaria LimaDoug BaldwinAmy Sheldon
Kim Wilcox (SBDC)
2017 springMeg StoleeJames McLeanDennis ShowersMaria LimaDoug BaldwinTony Macula (from 27 Mar)
Kim Wilcox (SBDC)
2016 fallJohnnie FerrellRen VasilievChristina Agostinelli-Fucilli
2015Meg StoleeJames McLeanGregg HartvigsenDennis ShowersKodjo AdabraChristina Agostinelli
Kim Wilcox (SBDC)
2014Jan LovettJames McLeanGregg HartvigsenDennis ShowersKodjo AdabraJoe Easterly
Melissa Tracy (SBDC)
2013Jan LovettJames McLeanDavid GrangerDennis ShowersGregg HartvigsenVACANT
Melissa Tracy (SBDC)
2012Jan LovettDennis ShowersDavid GrangerGregg HartvigsenPaul PachecoCheryl Kreutter
2011Jim WilliamsDennis ShowersDavid GrangerGregg HartvigsenAaron SteinhauerCheryl Kreutter
2010Duane McPhersonDennis ShowersDavid GrangerGregg HartvigsenAaron SteinhauerBrian Morgan
2009Chris LearyDennis ShowersDavid GrangerMaria LimaGregg HartvigsenBrian Morgan
Sherrie Bush (Provost office)
(precise dates unclear) 
2008Ed WallaceDennis ShowersDavid GrangerMaria LimaGregg HartvigsenBrian Morgan
Connie Hurlburt (Provost office)
2007Dennis ShowersDavid GrangerDennis ShowersMaria LimaLinda WareTerry Holbrook / VACANT
Connie Hurlburt (Provost office)
2006David GrangerDennis ShowersMaria LimaBill GohlmanKathleen MapesGraham Drake

2005Dennis ShowersMaria LimaGregg HartvigsenBill GohlmanBarbara WelkerGraham Drake

2004Maria LimaGregg HartvigsenCharles FreemanTerry BrowneMing-Mei ChangSavitri Iyer
2003Gregg HartvigsenCharles FreemanTerry BazzettBill GohlmanErrol PutmanCarol Faulkner

2002Charles FreemanTerry BazzettJan LovettBill GohlmanMaryellen SchmidtGraham Drake
2001Terry BazzettJan LovettChris LearyBill GohlmanCharles FreemanGraham Drake

2000Jan LovettChris LearyBecky GlassEd WallaceAnne-Marie ReynoldsWendy Pogozelski

1999Chris LearyBecky GlassKurt CylkeEd WallaceMary MohanJoan Ballard

1998Becky GlassKurt CylkeJim BoianiEd WallaceJoan BallardJane Fowler Morse

1997Kurt CylkeJim BoianiSharon BossungJerry ReberKurt FletcherBob Rosenberg

1996Jim BoianiSharon BossungEd WallaceJerry ReberJeffrey OverDonald Jones

1995Sharon BossungEd WallaceWanda SpruillJerry ReberChris LearyGraham Drake

1994Ed WallaceWanda SpruillJudith BushnellLinda HouseKathy BarszStephen Fielding

1993Wanda SpruillJudith BushnellDon TrasherLinda HouseGary DeBoltDiane Johnson

1992Judith BushnellDonald TrasherStephen PadalinoLinda HouseSharon BossungSharon Sobel

1991Don TrasherStephen PadalinoJoe BulsysJane HoganEd WallacePat Seaver

1990Stephen PadalinoJoe BulsysNancy KleniewskiJim ChenMichael TeresJudith Bushnell

1989Joe BulsysNancy KleniewskiBrian CoffeyJim ChenDavid GeigerAnne Meanie-Leckie

1988Nancy KleniewskiBrian CoffeyJim WilleyJane HoganHelena LepovitzBeverly Evans

1987Brian CoffeyJim WilleyGary MooreJane HoganMary Ellen WallerJim Williams

1986Jim WilleyGary MooreBill GohlmanJane HoganKen KallioJanice Lovett

1985Gary MooreBill GohlmanJane HoganWilliam RueckertPeter MarkulisLinda House

1985 springBill GohlmanJane HoganJim ChenWendell RhodesDarrell NorrisBruce Godsave

1984 fallWendell Rhodes

1983Jane HoganJames ChenArch ReidWendell RhodesStephen WestWilliam Gohlman

1982Jim ChenArchibald ReidWendell RhodesGerald SmithDavid ParishJane Hogan

1981Arch ReidWendell RhodesStacey EdgarGerald SmithPhil BogerDante Thomas

1980Wendell RhodesStacey EdgarLarry BlackmanGerald SmithMichael TeresJanet Neese

1979Stacey EdgarLarry BlackmanDon WattJohn KucabaA. HeitzmanDon Trasher

1978Larry BlackmanDonald WattBill BrennanJohn KucabaGary MooreJudith Bushnell

1977Don WattWilliam BrennanDick HathewayJohn KucabaKenneth DeutschJanice Meyer

1976Bill BrennanRichard B. HathewayBill EdgarWilliam DerbyDonald TrasherArchibald Reid

1975Dick HathewayBill EdgarDonald InnisWilliam DerbyKaren DuffyValentin Rabe

1974Bill EdgarDonald InnisJames ScholesWilliam DerbyJohn KucabaEula White

1973Donald InnisJames B. ScholesWendell RhodesRobert SellsGeorge MazuzanEdward Ritter

1972James ScholesWendell RhodesPhillip W. AlleyRobert SellsRichard HathewayRuth Sheppard

1971Wendell RhodesPhillip W. AlleyCharles Randy BaileyRobert SellsR. Wayne MahoodRuth Sheppard

1971 springPhillip W. AlleyCharles Randall BaileyWilliam E. DerbyRosalind R. Fisher
Betty French

1970 fallVirginia Kemp
1969Charles Randy BaileyWilliam E. DerbyHarry R. BeckRosalind R. FisherJay WalkerEdna Mack

1968William E. DerbyHarry R. BeckGerald SmithRosalind R. FisherGordon MillerM. Charlotte Jammer

1967Harry R. BeckGerald SmithRosalind R. Fisher
Gordon MillerBetty Keller

1966Gerald SmithRosalind R. FisherDurlyn WadeGerald SmithVirginia KempFrances Lipson

1965Rosalind R. FisherDurlyn WadeHans GottschalkGerald SmithVirginia KempLinda Bretz

1964Durlyn WadeHans GottschalkGordon GoeweyGerald SmithCharles MahoneyAnn Quinn

1963Hans GottschalkGordon GoeweyMyrt Merritt

1962Gordon GoeweyMyrt Merritt
Charles Miskell Jay WalkerCatherine Hughes

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