Motion 9: Executive Committee Speaking for Others

Whereas the Executive Committee of the College Senate has long held the power to speak for the full College Senate or the full Faculty, based on only a majority vote (Article VIII § 9),

Whereas such a narrow margin as a majority by a single vote runs a high risk of not accurately representing the opinions of the larger body,

Whereas other elements of that section are poorly worded,

Be it moved to amend the Constitution of the Faculty of SUNY Geneseo by making the following deletions and additions.

Constitution Article VIII: Duties of the Executive Committee

Section 9:

The Executive Committee, by a majority two thirds vote of its members on a resolution, shall have the authority to hold a referendum express an opinion on any matter of concern to behalf of the College Senate or general Faculty. The referendum shall be an expression of Faculty opinion and shall not bind Such a resolution may be reversed by a majority vote of the College Senate or a referendum of the Faculty to the expressed opinion.

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