2015 Motion 5. Correcting Teaching Faculty Election Procedures

Whereas the Committee on Professional Leave Review is intended to be a mechanism for reviewing and recommending leave proposals from the teaching faculty, and

Whereas senators representing the teaching faculty are intended to be elected by and from the teaching faculty, and

Whereas election procedures are described in greater detail in Bylaws Article I Section 2, be it

Resolved, that Article III Section 4 and Article IV Section 7 of the Faculty Constitution be amended as follows:

Article III: Standing Committees of the Faculty

Section 4: The Committee on Professional Leave Review

b. Selection of Committee Members:

5. These names will be placed on the ballot. The teaching faculty shall vote for one of the two candidates in each of the areas.

Article IV: College Senate Membership

Section 7: The Senators from the teaching Faculty of the College shall be represented selected on the following basis:

a. Eighteen Faculty Senators shall be elected at-large by the entire teaching faculty. Each year these at-large seats shall be apportioned into two groups … having one to six years of professional employment by the start of the term of office.  Elections will be held by secret ballot, annually, and prior to the end of the Spring Term. Seats in each group will be filled for two-year terms by the candidates in that group receiving the highest number of votes cast by the Faculty. Each Senator shall be eligible for re-election.

b. Each College Department academic department shall be represented …

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