Motion 7: Constitutional Clarifications

In order to improve the clarity of the Constitution of the Faculty of SUNY Geneseo, be it moved to amend it by making the following deletions and additions.

Constitution Article III: Standing Committees of the Faculty

Section 1: Committee on Nominations and Elections

a. Membership:

The membership of the Committee shall consist of six members of the teaching faculty, three of whom shall be elected each year on or before December 1 from a slate composed of nominations by the existing Committee on Nominations and Elections and from the floor.  Member’s terms shall start on December 1.  The three candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast shall be elected for two-year terms. The Committee shall elect its own Chair. Re-election of any member shall be possible.

Section 3: Committee on Faculty Personnel

a. Membership:

5. A majority of the Committee members must hold the rank of Full Professor or Librarian or a Distinguished rank.

Constitution Article IV: College Senate Membership

Section 5:

The administrative Faculty shall be represented in the College Senate by eight senators, two of whom shall be elected by …[other senator descriptions unchanged]…, two by Student Services & Campus Life administrative faculty (one elected each year), …[other senator descriptions unchanged]…

Section 9:

The term for Senators who do not hold the position by reason of office shall start on June 1 and expire on May 31.

Constitution Article V: Officers

Section 1:

The elected officers of the Faculty shall be the Presiding Officer of the Faculty, the Vice Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the university Faculty Senator, and the Immediate Past Presiding Officer. The Presiding Officer of the Faculty shall serve as the Chair of the College Senate. The Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall also serve in these capacities for the College Senate.

Section 2:

The Presiding Officer of the Faculty shall be elected as specified in Section 6 to serve a one year term. The term of office shall expire on May 31.  Re-election to this office is permissible.  Any vacancy in the office shall be temporarily filled by the Vice Chair for up to 30 days. The Executive Committee shall meet within the 30 days and may fill the position of Presiding Officer either by the appointment of a new Presiding Officer majority vote of the committee or through an election consistent with Section 6. In the case of an election, the Vice Chair will continue to serve until the new Presiding Officer is elected. Re-election to this office is permissible.

Section 7:

The Immediate Past Presiding Officer shall be the most recently elected Presiding Officer, excepting the current one.  Any vacancy in the office shall be filled by appointment by the Presiding Officer with the consent of the Executive Committee.

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