This committee and its procedures are not defined in the Faculty Constitution or Bylaws, and is only mentioned as a responsibility of the Vice Chair.  Each fall, the Vice Chair of the Faculty assembles this committee of volunteers from past award winners, to be the conduit through which award nominations are processed, reviewed, and then sent through the President's office to SUNY administration.

Each year near the beginning of the fall semester, the Vice Chair puts out a call for nominations for Excellence Awards. This call is sent to faculty, staff and student listservs, published in the Lamron, and published in the College Senate Bulletin.  At the beginning of the spring semester a similar call is made for nominations to Distinguished Ranks.

Links below provide lists of past awardees.

Excellence Awards

Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in...

Scholarship and Creative Activities, TeachingFaculty Service, Librarianship, Professional Service, and Adjunct Teaching.

Click here for the SUNY Policies and Procedures for the Excellence Awards.  The Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award is described separately.  The Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service is administered separately.

Distinguished Ranks

Distinguished Professorship, Distinguished Teaching ProfessorshipDistinguished Service Professorship, and Distinguished Librarian

Click here for information from SUNY on Distinguished Faculty Ranks.

Local Awards

The O’Brien Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching, which has been supplanted by the Chancellor's Excellence in Adjunct Teaching.

This committee has long operated based on institutional memory and the requirements given by SUNY.  It probably should be a standing committee of the faculty, although students are involved as well.

For more information, contact the Faculty Vice Chair.

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