2015 Motion 6. Affirming Changes Made in Previous Years

Whereas a vote in spring 2012 changed the voting status of the President and Provost in the College Senate, and

Whereas a vote in spring 2007 provided two senatorial seats reserved for part-time teaching faculty, and

Whereas specific language for these amendments has been lost, be it

Resolved that in the Faculty Constitution, Article IV Section 4 be amended and Section 8 be added as follows:

Article IV: College Senate Membership

Section 4:

The President of the College, the Provost, all Vice Presidents, and the Dean of Curriculum and Academic Services shall be members of the College Senate by reason of their offices.  The President and Provost shall be non-voting members.

Section 8:

Faculty in part time appointments shall be represented in the College Senate by two senators elected for terms of one academic year.  Nominations will be solicited by the Committee on Nominations and Elections in the spring semester and confirmed each August.  The part-time senators will be elected by the College Senate from this slate at the first Senate meeting of the academic year.

[renumber current sections 8 and 9]

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