Travel Letters allow staff members to manage student absences due to a particular activity. Travel Letters help you notify both students and/or professors when a student will miss Courses and/or Appointments as a result of traveling.

Creating and Sending Travel Letters

  1. Log into EAB Navigate with your Geneseo credentialsQuick Links menu
  2. Click on Travel Letters in the Quick Links menu on the Staff Home page
  3. Click on Travel Letter in the Actions menu to create a new travel letter
  4. Enter the appropriate information on the Create New page
    1. Name of Travel letter (use descriptive language to recognize each letter if they are needed to be changed)
    2. Select Team(s) from the Categories List 
    3. Travel Start and End Times
    4. Check the box to Include all registered courses for selected students
    5. Subject of Email (sent to faculty and students)
    6. Body (update as needed)
    7. Letterhead (only needed for printed letters)
    8. Click Save Travel Letter
  5. Review each tab to ensure all athletes are selected and observe classes and appointments that will be missed
  6. Send travel letters
    1. Click on the Professors tab
    2. Click the checkbox(s) to the left of the professors' names. The top checkbox will select all professors on the list.
    3. Click on the Actions menu above the list of professors
    4. Click on Send Travel letters

More Information and Questions

There is a wealth of information available in the Navigate Community and Help Center. To access those resources, click on the ? in Navigate and search for "travel letters" in the Help Center. For all questions, please email for assistance.

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