Geneseo Faculty and Staff can issue Care Notices through Navigate. You will find these Care Notice options in progress reports or on each student's home page if you wish to issue a Care Notice ad hoc.

  • To issue an ad hoc Care Notice, sign in at
  • Find a student in the "quick search" box at the top of the page.
  • On the student's home page, look for the option to “Issue a Care Notice” about a student in the right-hand menu
  • Follow the prompts.  You may choose multiple Care Notices.  Your comments do not go to the student.

This guide explains when to issue a Care Notice and what happens when you do.

Please remember that comments you write in "Care Notices" are part of a student's educational record, even though they are not shared directly with students.  When you issue a Care Notice, keep your comments specific and factual.

NEW!  Connect Student to Career Design (see bottom of page).  Tell your advisee that when you enter this care notice they will get a resource email that will help them touch base with a career counselor.  This is more effective than simply saying, "Go to the Career Center."

Here are the emails that are "auto-sent" to students:

Attendance Concern

Use this Care Notice when a student stops coming to class for a noticeable length of time. You may write comments, but they are not sent to the student. Do select your class. The Care Notice will send the student an automated email and {$student_first_name}, need help with {$course_name}? will be the email subject line. The student is told that there is an "Attendance Concern."

This is the text of the email:

Dear {$student_first_name},

Professor {$completer_name} noticed that you haven’t been in your {$course_number} class.  Now would be a great time to reconnect.

There may be good reasons why you haven’t been able to attend and sometimes it’s hard to come back to a class after being away.  It may not feel easy, but students who have gotten back on track recommend three good first steps:

    •   go to class
    •   meet with your instructor during office hours, and
    •   develop a plan for catching up with course material and assignments. 

If you’re not ready to do all three, try one today and then reassess.  We are here to help you.

Have unexpected circumstances (mental or physical illness, grief, etc.) kept you from attending class? Stay in touch with the Dean of Students (Dr. Sancilio) as well as your instructor so you can receive the help you need.

Just looking for someone to talk to?  Email or check out our advisor contact page to schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Academic Planning & Advising (DAPA) Office.

We believe that it’s never too late to change directions and we are eager to help you find your path.

This email was sent to you by the Office of the Dean of Academic Planning & Advising.

Needs Improvement in Academic Work

This Care Notice automatically emails the student but it doesn’t show the Care Notice reason in the subject line (and it doesn’t send your comments). The student receives this email directing them to communicate with their faculty and seek out support resources. 

Email subject: {$student_first_name}, Get back on track in {$course_number}

Take Action to improve your work in {$course_number}

Dear {$student_first_name},

Geneseo wants to make sure that you're doing okay.  So we periodically ask faculty to let us know how students in their courses are doing.  

Professor {$completer_name} is concerned about your academic performance in {$course_number}.  We want you to be as successful as possible in this class and recommend that you reach out to your professor in {$course_name} after reading this email.

Your success is defined by much more than a course grade.  Please keep reading to find out about the people and resources who can help you reflect on your work, take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and psychologically, and improve your study habits.  

We have asked many students how they recovered from academic setbacks.  Here’s what they’ve said:

  • Check in with your professor
  • Meet with an Academic Peer Mentor
  • Consult with Academic Planning and Advising
  • Attend supplemental instruction (SI) sessions, tutoring, and learning centers
  • Practice healthy habits -- take care to sleep enough, eat well, and exercise

This week, look up your professor's office hours in the course syllabus and attend them or schedule an appointment to discuss your course.  

If you are nervous about meeting with your professor, set up a meeting first with an Academic Peer Mentor (APM).  

To talk about general academic concerns, including staying in a course or changing majors, schedule a meeting with your advisor or an advisor from the Academic Planning & Advising office.  (You can click on the "schedule an appointment" link under each advisor's picture.) 

Check out Geneseo's tutoring and academic support resources, including Supplemental Instruction, STAR-NY tutoring (available online 7pm to midnight Sunday through Thursday), the Math Learning Center, and the Writing Learning Center.

Take stock of your own well-being:  Are you eating and sleeping regularly?  Are you balancing  studying with time outside and exercising?  Spend a few minutes on Health and Counseling’s Healthy Geneseo page.  Find a friend to take a walk and immerse yourself in nature

RAs, area coordinators, counselors, coaches, and student mentors are trained in listening and helping you restore balance in your life. Talk to them.

If a crisis comes up -- a serious, disruptive event like illness, loss, family concerns, or personal struggles--the Dean of Students, Dr. Sancilio, is eager to assist you.  You can reach him by email or at his office in 354 MacVittie College Union.

The "secret" to academic success is no secret: it is connectedness.  

Connecting to mentoring, advising, tutoring, health services, exercise, clubs, teammates, friends, classmates, nutrition, sleep, and people who can guide you psychologically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually can help you refocus your semester and meet your academic goals.  

Please keep in touch.


This message comes from the Office of the Dean of  Academic Planning & Advising, Erwin 106.

Recognizing Good Work

Please try to click on this Care Notice often. It generates an automatic email to the student, and a copy of the email is sent to the student’s academic advisor, academic coach, and athletic coach (when such relationships exist). This is the text (and fonts!) of the email the student receives. The student's name and “Congratulations on your good work!” will be in the subject line:

From: SUNY Geneseo - Navigate Student Success <>
Subject: (Student first name) - Congratulations on your good work!
Date: August 10, 2021 at 9:07:43 AM EDT

WOW (student first name)!

Professor (Professor's name) wanted you to know that they noticed the good work you have been doing in {$course_number} {$course_name}.  

Every time you make a thoughtful contribution to a discussion, write a persuasive essay, study hard for an exam, or turn a corner and improve your grade, your learning takes a leap forward.

Your efforts are paying off!  Congratulations!

This message was sent to you from the Office of the Dean of Academic Planning & Advising in Erwin Hall 106.

Connect Student to Career Design

Dear {$student_first_name},

{$completer_name} sent the Career Design Center a note suggesting that we might be of assistance to you.  Click on a "Quick Chat" in our Career Design calendar to speak with a career coach.

In Career Design, we support students with:

  •  Choosing or changing a major or career focus
  • Understanding career options with your major
  • Exploring experiences (like internships, part-time jobs, and more)
  • Internship/job search (including part-time/on-campus to make money while a student)
  • Applying to graduate school
  • And more!

Career Design puts YOU at the center of your own experience – engaging curiosities, trying things out, making adjustments, embracing change, and using this information to lead to a meaningful career. It is not about figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life … it is about whatever you want to do next!

We're eager to help -- stop in virtually, come by our office in 116 Erwin Hall, or email

You may also notice these Care Notices:



These are internal Care Notice for administrative purposes. Please do not select them.

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