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Dear Professor Easton,

Starting in Fall 2021, "midterm progress reports" are replacing "midterm grades" for new first-year and transfer students. Midterm progress reports invite you to issue an “alert” on students.  These allow you to recognize strong performance or improvement by students, but can also help alert students to attendance issues or put them in touch with resources that can get them on track if they are struggling.  Please submit your report no later than October 20 to help DAPA outreach to students who are struggling.  

Before you start, look over your class lists.  First determine which students need alerts because of an attendance or performance issue.  For the rest, if you have no concerns or comments, you can quickly report on a group by clicking “Submit unmarked students as “no feedback” (I’m all done)” below the students’ names on the report.

For those who need feedback, choose “yes” for concerns about attendance or keeping up with academic work and “no” to offer praise or notify the Dean of Students about a non-academic concern (you can choose “yes” for combined feedback).  Then select one or more of these alerts:

  • Recognizing Good Work:  lets a student know that they are doing well or they have shown significant improvement.  They are sent a personalized congratulatory message identifying you as the instructor who recognized their work.  You can read the texts of the email templates for all student notifications on the Geneseo wiki.
  • Attendance Concern:  students who have missed multiple classes without notification of injury, distress, or illness receive a message reminding them that attending class is essential to academic success.  They are directed to keep in touch with their faculty member and work on catching up with coursework.  Report excessive absences if you know them, but it’s okay to leave that column blank. 
  • Falling Behind in Academic Work:  when a student’s current grade would be less than a “C” in your course, or if they are missing assignments, this alert sends a lengthy email to students with resources outlining communication skills, study strategies, and approaches to taking care of their physical, psychological, social, and emotional well-being.  This alert also opens a “case” for DAPA.  We will follow-up with all students identified by this alert and we will use the resource email to guide students who need to take action on their academic work.
  • Dean of Students: Non-academic Alert:  if you are concerned about a student’s welfare, this alert opens a case and sends your comments to Dr. Sancilio.  No email is sent to the student.

If you include comments, they are not sent to the student.  They are reviewed by DAPA and the Dean of Students, who will follow up with students who need assistance.

This email is asking you to complete progress reports now, but if you have concerns or praise beyond this time period, or you are concerned about students not included in this population, you can issue any of these alerts (or kudos) ad hoc on the student’s home page in Navigate. Directions are on the wiki. We hope you will be especially inspired to recognize students, especially students who have recently demonstrated distinction or improvement. 

Click the link below to begin your progress reports. 

Thank you for providing this feedback. Midterm progress reports are an essential part of Geneseo's efforts to support and retain students.


Celia Easton

Dean of Academic Planning & Advising

Click to Begin Entering Student Feedback

The link above expires on 10/20/2021. If you would like to provide feedback after the expiration above, please contact your administrator.

If you have trouble with the above link, copy and paste this address into your browser:

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