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Q: Will there be trainings available?

Yes. Trainings will be scheduled to begin during Spring 2020. 

Q: How do I get access to the Navigate platform?

You will be able to access Navigate through the myGeneseo portal or directly at

Q: How do I log into the Navigate platform?

Navigate uses your Geneseo username and password.

Q: How often is Navigate updated?

Data in Navigate is pulled directly from Banner each night. Any changes made to a student’s record in Banner will be reflected in Navigate the following day.

Q: Are student notes subject to FERPA?

Yes. Student notes in Navigate are part of the student’s educational record and subject to FERPA.

Q: Who or what determines access to data in the tool?

Navigate identifies different roles within the tool which is dependent on your job responsibilities. If you are interested in how roles are determined please contact us at

Q: What does it mean when availability is listed as “Inactive” and is highlighted in red?

Availability will show as inactive if the availability is set for a future or past time frame. For example, if the user sets their availability active duration for October 1st to October 15th, and the current date is October 16th, then the availability will show as inactive. To activate availability, users can click the Edit option and update the active duration to a current time frame.

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