Here are the steps described in the video below:

  1. SYNC your Google calendar with navigate.  See the Geneseo Navigate Quick Start Guide for directions.
  2. Choose "staff home" at (triangle toggles roles).
  3. Choose the "My Availability" tab.  Under "Actions" in the black bar, choose "Add Time."
  4. You may create multiple availabilities, e.g., if you are available for students on Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon.
  5. USE THESE choices to set up availability for faculty advisor appointments (for Office Hours, see Faculty Office Hours Guide)
    1. For the kind of availability, choose "Appointments."
    2. For the kind of meeting, choose "In Person."
    3. For the Care Unit, choose "Faculty."
    4. For the location, choose "Faculty Office."
    5. For the service, choose "Faculty Advisor Appointment."
  6. In the "Special Instructions" box, write your office location (building & room number).  This will appear on the student's appointment confirmation email.
  7. Click to affirm that you want this availability connected to your Personal Availability Link (PAL).
  8. Under the tab "Assigned Students," on your "staff home," select your advisees by filtering for "advisor" in the "relationship type" box.
    1. Select all of your advisees by clicking on the top box marked "Name," or select particular students.
    2. In the Actions menu, choose "Send a Message to Student."
    3. Write your message (the students don't see who else is receiving the message).
  9. Write a clear, informative subject line.  You may personalize it with a field name, such as {$Student_first_name}, Schedule an Advising Appointment.
  10. Make sure to paste your PAL link into the email and direct students to click it to schedule an appointment with you.
  11. Copy yourself by adding your whole Geneseo email to the "additional email notifications" box.
  12. Click "Send" to send your email to students.  Plan to re-nudge students who haven't scheduled appointments.

VIDEO: Outreach to advisees with Personal Availability Link for Advisement Appointments.

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