Your First Time

If this is your first time using Navigate for availability or a campaign, we recommend the following steps:

  • Sync your Navigate account to Google Calendar (Details in this Guide)
  • Create a new Zoom meeting for registration and/or grad check appointment (Details in this Guide and below)
  • Add your Campaign Availability
  • Create and send Campaign

Add Availability for Registration Advising Meetings

  1. Log into EAB Navigate with your Geneseo credentials
  2. Click on the My Availability tab on the home page
  3. Click on the triangle to the right of Actions and select Add Time
    1. Select the days and times when you are available to meet with students
    2. Select A Range of Dates for the advising appointments
    3. Type of availability: Campaign
    4. Meeting Type: select whether you will meet in person, via phone, or video. You may select multiple options.
    5. Care Unit: Faculty
    6. Location: Video or Faculty Office
    7. Services: Faculty Advisor Appointment
    8. URL: we recommend that you set up a separate Zoom meeting for Registration appointments. Include the meeting link here.
    9. Special Instructions: Not required. Shared with the student upon making the appointment.
    10. Multiple student options are available if more than one student can be scheduled per appointment time.
    11. Click Save
  4. Note that your new availability will appear in pink as the dates have not begun

Create Appointment Campaign

  1. Click on Appointment Campaigns in the Quick Links box (right column)
  2. Click on + Add New 
  3. Define your new Appointment Campaign
    1. Campaign Name: yourname Fall 2022 Registration Campaign
    2. Care Unit: Faculty
    3. Location: Video or Faculty Office
    4. Service: Faculty Advisor Appointment
    5. Appointment Limit: This number represents the number of appointments a student may schedule with you.
    6. Appointment Length: Use your discretion. Tip: add 5 minutes to your planned time to give you a few minutes between each student!
    7. Slots per Time: 1 This is the number of appointments per time slot – using 1 ensures private meetings with each student.
    8. Allow scheduling over courses: Recommended to not allow
    9. Reminders: select defaults for appointment reminders
    10. Begin Date / End Date: Use your discretion for these dates. Give students a few weeks prior to the start of your availability (above) to allow them time to sign up.
    11. Click Continue
  4. Add Students to Campaign
    1. Select My Students Only next to the Search button to add all of your advisees. or 
    2. Use the Advanced Search. 
      1. Scroll down to Assigned To row.
      2. Click menu and select students that have an Advisor role to you. (Select your name from list) 
      3. Click Search
      4. Review list of students that appear in search results. Some faculty may have students assigned to them other than advisees. Select ALL or some. 
      5. Click Continue
    3. Review selected students and click Continue
  5. Select Staff for the Campaign
    1. Your name will appear with the availability you set in the first section. If your name does not appear, please contact Celia Easton or Laurie Fox for assistance.
    2. Select your name, click Continue
  6. Nudges think of these as the email that goes to your students
    1. Click the Add Nudge button
    2. Please do not use the default!!
    3. Avoid changing the auto-generated links or field designations (e.g. student's name)
    4. Sign your name
    5. Preview the email
    6. Select the send date
    7. Click Continue
  7. Add additional nudges if you desire. You may also add a "Success Message" when your students schedule an appointment.
  8. Verify and Start you Campaign
    1. Click Start Campaign

Setting up Virtual Registration Hours in Zoom

This self help guide from CIT provides information about office hours – the same directions can be used for your registration hours.

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