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Workshop Requests

These workshops are designed for organization, club, or classroom use, to help students, from freshman to seniors, and alumni, increase technical skills while expanding vision and creativity in the art of branding yourself to employers.

Before you complete the workshop request form, please take a moment to review our guidelines.

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Summary of Program Topics


Writing Resumes and Cover Letters That Get You an Interview

An effective resume and cover letter is often the first impression an employer has of you. It is one of the best tools for marketing yourself to employers. Acquire the techniques to individualize your cover letter and highlight unique skills and abilities. Learn what to include and formatting tips.

Networking 101: Making a Lasting Impression

Learn the importance of networking and how to establish and build professional relationships. The more thought and effort you put into networking, the more you are rewarded. At this workshop, you will learn essential networking skills like how to introduce yourself with an elevator pitch and successfully navigating networking events.

Creating a LinkedIn Account

93% of recruiters are using LinkedIn, the largest professional networking site. In this hands-on workshop, establish a commanding online presence that highlights your achievements and showcases your personal and professional goals. Actively discuss how to create an active LinkedIn profile and learn how to connect with others in your field.

Job Search Strategies

Learn best practices for searching for a professional position, pre, and post-graduation. This workshop covers the effective use of Handshake and LinkedIn as a job search tools. Networking as a search strategy and methods of researching and identifying prospective organizations.

Finding an Internship

According to national surveys, the number one criteria employers seek in recent hires is prior internship experience. This workshop covers all of the basics of finding that first internship. Active discussion will center around popular websites, networking, and College resources. Also included is a brief overview of resumes, cover letters, the application process, and college credit.

Introduction to Interviewing Skills

Intended for students who have no interview experience, this workshop covers basic interviewing skills. Through this workshop gain effective techniques for preparing for interviews and understand how to present yourself, and your skills, in a professional manner.

Advanced Interviewing Skills

This workshop is intended for students who have attended the Introduction to Interviewing Skills workshop or have significant interview experience. Covered are in-depth information on behavioral based interview questions, role-playing, interview scenarios, and salary negotiation. Pre-employment testing, handling multiple job offers and gracefully declining offers is also addressed.

Applying to Graduate Schools

This workshop assists students to navigate the graduate school application process. Covered topics include entrance exams, securing letters of recommendation and strong personal statements.

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