Before submitting your resume to Career Design, have you done the following?


  • Reviewed the resume resources provided by Career Design, including resume samples, slides, and video clips



  • Listed your anticipated certification area as the first section on your resume (after contact information and before education)
  • Noted that you are a “Candidate for” this certification area since you are still working to fulfill the requirements
  • Verified the wording of your anticipated certification area based on the degree you are working toward using the SUNY Geneseo Education Certifications and Degrees chart on the Career Design website


  • Included institution name, location, degree, anticipated date of graduation, major/minor/concentration
  • Considered incorporating GPA, honors, awards, accreditation, study abroad
  • Verified the wording of your anticipated degree/major using the SUNY Geneseo Education Certifications and Degrees chart on the Career Design website


  • Grouped related and relevant experiences near the top of the resume to gain notice
    • Included your teaching experience prominently (i.e. observations, practicums, virtual field experiences, etc.) 
    • Divided your experiences appropriately using relevant category headings
    • Organized your experiences in reverse chronological order (most recent first) within each category
  • Included the name of the organization/school district, specific school title, location (city and state), position title/grade level, and dates for each experience

For example:
York Central School District, Retsof, NY (Fall 20XX)
3rd Grade, York Elementary School

  • Used bullets to describe experience in a specific and concise way – showcasing skills, results/accomplishments, and supporting details (i.e. what type of classroom management strategies did you use, what were the specific topics of the ELA lessons you taught, etc.)
    • Started each of your bullets with a strong action verb and used a variety of action verbs throughout - see Action Verb list on the Career Design website for ideas
    • Listed the most relevant action statements first for each experience
    • Wrote the bullet in past tense if the experience is complete or present tense if still involved with the experience
  • Used jargon of your field (i.e. differentiated instruction, IEP, inclusion, learning standards, etc.)


  • Incorporated only certifiable, testable, or measurable knowledge or skill sets like language proficiency, computer programming, teaching technology, etc. within the skills section
  • Demonstrated non-quantifiable skills like teamwork, time management, leadership, etc. within experience bullets rather than listing in the skills section 


  • Reviewed your resume for grammar/spelling errors
  • Reviewed your resume for consistent formatting and layout throughout:
    • Is the space filled without feeling crowded
    • Are tabs and margins consistent and aligned
    • Are font size, bold, italics, underlining, spacing, etc. coordinated
  • Used a header indicating your name/page number on only the second page (if resume is longer than 1 page)
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