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What are other institutions doing that comes under the heading "transformational learning"?

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Barnard College

BTtoP Demonstration Site: Seminar program for transfer students and sophomores

sophomore/transfer student learning community “Identity, Community and Belonging will benefit two groups of students who are often more vulnerable to the challenges of depression and disengagement: transfers and sophomores. The project will include an academic seminar exploring the concepts of community, identity, and belonging as well as three distinct civic engagement living/learning communities.”

Emory University

BTtoP Demonstration Site: Sophomore Seminar on Depression/Addiction

sophomore learning community To make students aware of the complexities of addiction and depression in the world through a course that integrated academics, residence life and community engagement, and to measure subsequent changes in the students’ ways of thinking.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

BTtoP Demonstration Site: Residential College Program

First Year Residential College Program "Preparing for Life After Art School Now." Bring together faculty, staff, students, and alumni to provide a holistic experience for first-year students that will introduce them to concepts of well-being, enhance their engagement within an urban community of artists and designers, and improve student retention and graduation rates.

California State University, Chico

BTtoP Demonstration Site: FY Program (UNIV101) Intro to University Life

First Year Program "Forming Democratic Citizens for the 21st Century: An Integrated Civic Engagement Experience to Increase the Civic Participation and Well-being of First-year Students at California State University, Chico"

Dickinson College

BTtoP Demonstration Site: Assessment of FY Learning Community programs

First year residential college To explicitly test the relationship between First Year Student engaged learning initiatives ("learning communities", service-learning, residential interest clustering, and community service) and their short-and long-term effect on student engagement, alcohol use, mental health, and civic engagement.

Montclair State University

BTtoP Demonstration Site: develop service-learning minor and co-curricular leadership program

service-learning minor/leadership co-curricular program "Expanding Capacity for Engaged Learning across Montclair State University: Building academic, personal, and civic development through a Service Leadership Program"







Georgetown University

BTtoP Intensive Site: Infuse Mental Health/Wellness throughout curriculum

all students/throughout curriculum "Connecting Life and Learning: Engaging the Whole Person Through the Integration of Academics and Student Affairs"
Purpose: This project aims to bridge the divide often seen in students' lives between academics and their experiences outside the curriculum in an effort to promote students' personal growth and development, and create explicit connections between academic achievement, personal behavior and decision-making outside the classroom.

St Lawrence University

BTtoP Intensive Site: Faculty/Staff Development Program in FY Program

First Year Program "Transforming Pedagogy, Transforming Lives: Engaged Learning as a Source of Student Civic Development and Well-Being"
Purpose: Through intentional and focused faculty and staff development, this project will infuse a variety of engaged pedagogies through our required First-year Program thereby increasing our students' intentionality and empowerment, and we will examine the relationship between these engaged pedagogies and our students' alcohol use, mental well-being and civic development.







Bates College

BTtoP Startup Grant; Harward Center for Community Partnerships

All students/college-wide program Named after former Bates College President Don Harward now director of Bringing Theory to Practice project. From their website, "our mission is to integrate civic engagement into the College’s educational work, undertaking programs that meet community needs, promote active citizenship in a diverse democracy, and enhance the Bates education."; BTtoP Startup Grant for engaged learning and mental health program

American University

BTtoP Startup Grant Recipient

First Year Program/Residential College "University College Pilot Program"

Centre College

BTtoP Startup Grant Recipient

First Year Students "Health and Human Performance Pilot Program"

Drake University

BTtoP Startup Grant Recipient: Sophomore "Engaged Citizen Experience"

Sophomore Students "Engaged Learning, Student Well-Being, and Student Civic Development"

Eckerd College

BTtoP Startup Grant Recipient

All Students "Service-Learning and the Development and Research of Protective Factors with Alcohol Use"; using friendships formed by service-learning classes and alternative spring breaks as protective factors


BTtoP Startup Grant Recipient

All Students? To help students develop a life-long commitment to civic engagement as professionals, as well as individuals, through data-driven improvement of service-learning courses.

Kent State/Stark

BTtoP Startup Grant Recipient

Targeting Faculty Development To enable faculty to spend time learning about, developing and implementing courses in, and mentoring other faculty in service-learning, all as a way to increase the impact that engaged learning at Kent State will have on student well-being, with particularly emphasis on student use of alcohol.

McDaniel College

BTtoP Startup Grant Recipient

All Students? To promote service-learning experiences that expose students to new concepts in learning, develop social and academic capacities, and build a sense of social responsibility and civic awareness while engaging students in projects that serve the community.

Newberry College

BTtoP Startup Grant Recipient

First Year Students quantitative and qualitative research to evaluate pairing sections of a service requirement course and an english course, increasing their focus on connecting engaged learning to student health and well-being, and new faculty training for both courses and on the impact of teaching on students' health and well-being.

Princeton University

BTtoP Startup Grant Recipient; also has Pace Center for Civic Engagement

Residential College Program In short, residential college advisors will actively promote an environment in which diverse students can discover ways to work together to improve their residential communities, their campus community, and communities beyond the boundaries of the campus. Students from these two residential communities will be compared with a control group in evaluating the project's success.













Skidmore College

Civic Engagement and the First Year Experience; David R. Karp, Ph.D., Interim Associate Dean of Student Affairs and
Director of Campus Life

First Year Program To develop first-year seminars that emphasize civic engagement and evaluate their impact on student well-being. The grant will provide incentives, training and logistical support to faculty to incorporate civic engagement into their first year seminars, and integrate these resources into the FYE program for long-term sustainability.




Robert Morris University

Created New Dean of Engaged Learning

All Students/University wide program Starting in Fall, students required to participate in 2 of 7 categories including: arts, culture and creativity; "transcultural/global" experiences; research; community service; leadership; professional experience; independent study

University of Minnesota/Twin Cities

Dr. Andrew Furco, Associate Vice President for Public Engagement

All Students/University wide program They have created an Office for Public Engagement to coordinate engaged initiatives across departments and units with external community partners.

Middlebury College

Alliance for Civic Engagement created in 2005, Director, Tiffany Sargent; Also has a Residential College system known as the "Commons System"

All Students/college-wide program The Alliance for Civic Engagement (ACE) integrates community-connected teaching, learning, research, and service into the undergraduate experience--in the classroom, across Vermont, throughout the nation, and around the world--linking Middlebury’s liberal arts tradition to 21st century challenges and opportunities. Had received funding from the Shepherd Alliance. The "Commons" attempts to combine academic, residential, and social components of the college.

U. of Georgia

Archway Partnership

Full-time staff members stationed in each participating county work with civic leaders to identify local needs and connect towns with expertise across the university.