Course Description

An EXTR course blends experiential learning that occurs on site, out of the classroom, with academic study.  An EXTR course asks the student to participate in the community about which she or he learns by serving that community. Such learning will be contextualized by an informing and reflective academic component; conversely, the traditional academic component of an EXTR course will be informed by in situ experiential learning.

Essential Components

1. Community Engagement (minimum 1/3 of course time)

  • Central interactive and/or community-based experience
  • Service Learning

2. Academic Engagement (minimum 1/3 of course time)

  • Assigned reading/writing that provides historical/social/theoretical underpinning for the central community-based experience of the course
Other Features
  • Credit (1-3 credit hours)
  • All parts are essential to a total experience but need not be disjoint.
  • The design of such of courses should involve concurrent academic and experiential components that span a semester (or equivalent). The academic and experiential components should inform each other.
  • May require alternative scheduling

Types of Courses

  1. Some classes can be cross listed, e.g., a redesigned sociology course might carry both prefixes.
  2. Some classes might have an extra (optional) course that carries the extreme component (e.g. a criminal justice course might offer a 1 credit EXTR component to experience the prison population).
  3. Some EXTR courses might have a co-requisite standard course.
  4. Some EXTR might simply stand alone.

Desirable Components

Enrollment in an associated course or courses

Additional seminar/discussion experience with students from other courses

Learning community structure

Problem-Based Learning


Courses offered in 2009-2010

Diversity: "Real World Geneseo"

Food: "There's Something in the Air"

Courses Planned for development

Developing Societies (Haiti, Nicaragua, Ghana)

Disaster Relief and Recovery (Mississippi)

Environmental Sustainability


Possible Future Topics

Research Experience


Social Justice

Participation in the political process

Extreme Humanities

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